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[Watch video] The future of farming starts here Agritech Insights

[Video] The future of farming starts here

With a farming heritage that extends back over 200 years, Ireland is also at the forefront of agricultural innovation today.

Not only does Ireland offer one of the world’s most productive agricultural systems, its conditions are an ideal test bed for farming machinery that is used in every part of the world.

The agritech industry worldwide is quickly and constantly evolving. In Ireland, research and development is government funded and backed by world-class agricultural science and technology university programmes.

Irish farming produce feeds the world

Thanks to this farming pedigree, Ireland produces enough food for seven times its population, including 10% of the world’s infant milk formula. The country’s beef and milk output are famous worldwide, while 15 tonnes of dry matter are produced per hectare of grass. 81% of Ireland’s agricultural land is used for silage, hay, and pasture.

As a result, it is not surprising that Ireland’s small and medium businesses are number one in the EU for innovation and lead the way in smart farming, robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Furthermore, Irish innovations like zero-grazing technology have been adopted around the world, while the country’s manufacturers are constantly breaking ground for the next generation of farming.

Enterprise Ireland is ready to help you benefit from all of this expertise and innovation.

Our advisors work to understand your needs and shortlist the best partners for you, and will even make ntroductions.

Get in touch and let Ireland’s agriculture advantage solve your biggest challenges.

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Agritech: The Future of Profitable Farming


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In this eBook, you will discover:

  • How agritech is helping to solve agricultural challenges worldwide
  • The impact of farmers increasingly adopting agritech solutions
  • Game-changing industry technologies
  • Why sustainability and collaboration are key drivers of innovation

Agritech: The Future of Profitable Farming

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