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Browse a selection of in-depth customer success stories from all over the world. Find out how Irish companies helped to solve unique business challenges with tailor-made solutions, a partnership approach and market-leading innovation.

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Life Sciences

Aquila Bioscience helps keep people safe from Covid & the World safe from toxic chemicals

An Irish university spin-out is set to disrupt the global antibacterial and disinfectant industry. Aquila Bioscience has taken a unique Pathogen Capturing Technology (PCT), which it developed to keep first…


Irish comms tech firm finds UK an active and growing market

In the run-up to Brexit and since, Irish companies have sought to diversity and are looking to expand their customer and market base in the UK. Our closest neighbour continues…

blackwater engineering

Irish manufacturing & process engineering firm offers end-to-end export service

Building a thriving export business is not just about the products you sell, but also about the logistics and after sales service you provide. So says Colman Doyle, Operations Director…

PEL Waste Reduction

Irish firm offers a smart sustainable solution for waste

Every industry is ripe for digital transformation these days and waste is no exception, as one Irish entrepreneur is proving. With new customers including the US Army and multiple UK…

Iberdrola Awards Kirby

World-class Digital Construction firm honoured

Leading the world in collaborative leading-edge construction, Irish firm Kirby Group Engineering has been recognized with a global award. The group was awarded Supplier of the Year for Digitalization by…


HANLEY ENERGY : Une vision pour un avenir vert

Selon l’équipe de Hanley Energy, fournir l’électricité essentielle à ses clients c’est bien plus que s’assurer que les lumières restent allumées. Elle se concentre sur l’électricité écoénergétique obtenue par des…

Interior of public transport

CITYSWIFT : Une vision pour un avenir vert

Imaginez un monde où les gens des villes, de la banlieue et de la campagne profitent tous du même accès aux tranports vers le travail, les écoles et les centres commerciaux….


KEENAN : Une vision pour un avenir vert

Dans un contexte environnemental, l’agriculture est souvent définie par sa contribution aux émissions de méthane nocives. Pas chez KEENAN. L’entreprise irlandaise novatrice croit que dans un avenir vert l’agriculture sera…


XOCEAN : Une vision pour un avenir vert

XOCEAN collabore avec des clients de plusieurs secteurs qui partagent tous le désir d’améliorer la sécurité marine et de réduire les émissions de carbone. L’énergie traditionnelle se transforme rapidement en…


ABBEY MACHINERY: A Vision for a Green Future

Abbey Machinery are one of Ireland’s oldest agricultural engineering companies, but that doesn’t stop them from being focused on the future—and they believe the future is green. They are hard…


DAVRA: A Vision for a Green Future

The team at Davra will tell you that a green future is a digitised future. This Dublin-based Internet of Things (IoT) company uses technology to drive sustainability across sectors. When…


KEENAN: A Vision for a Green Future

In an environmental context, farming is often defined by its contribution to harmful methane emissions. Not at KEENAN. This innovative Irish company believes a green future is one where agriculture…

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