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Wrkit POWRs employees working from home

When Covid-19 caused the widespread closure of workplaces in March, many employees were left struggling to deal with the psychological impact of working from home. Within weeks, research showed that…

Alan Holland CEO Keevlar

The future of Supply Chains and AI: making sense of data to build better businesses

As companies are overwhelmed by torrents of data, they’re turning to automated tools that can dial down the noise and send clear signals to decision-makers. In the midst of the…

Clive Bourke Daon

The future of cybersecurity: biometrics transforming travel and more

With the need for remote and contactless business solutions surging due to the coronavirus crisis, digital identity verification has become a crucial security tool.  In late 2020 or maybe early…

verve virtual events

Verve brings Virtual Events to life in post-Covid 19 World

For events organiser Verve, the ban on mass gatherings and new social distancing rules could have been a death knell. Instead, within a week it reinvented itself as a virtual…


Altada Technology Solutions: Applying AI to help navigate the Covid-19 Crisis

Irish AI company Altada Technology Solutions applies artificial intelligence in the healthcare and finance sectors to help in the battle against Covid-19. Altada provides scalable AI solutions to companies with…

duggan systems ltd. covid

Duggan Systems Ltd: Revolutionising ICU care for the post Covid-19 world

The onslaught of the Covid-19 pandemic has put tremendous pressure on the world’s society, economy and healthcare systems, leading to governments scrambling for quick fixes to stop the spread of…

HiberGene Diagnostics COVID-19 test launch

HiberGene Diagnostics secures CE mark for Covid test

Rapid test a potential game changer in the fight against the virus HiberGene Diagnostics chief executive Seamus Gorman has been “bowled over” by the international response to the company’s achievement…


S3 Connected Health tool optimises acute Covid-19 respiratory care

Irish digital health specialist S3 Connected Health collaborates on development of new ‘ACORRD’ tool, which goes from concept to hospital deployment in just 10 days Among the many effects and…

richard murphy CEO Zevo health

Zevo Health: Caring for wellbeing and boosting retention

Given the challenges millions of employees are facing while working from home during the coronavirus crisis, employers around the world are seeking ways to support staff, protect their wellbeing and…

cubic telecom

Cubic Telecom: Speed bumps and smooth supply

Covid-19 is causing changes to traffic patterns globally but long time frames and robust supply chains will keep the automotive sector motoring. Having its technology embedded in millions of cars…

Novaerus Defend 1050

Research confirms virus-killing power of Novaerus device

As healthcare and other sectors grapple with issue of people sharing indoor spaces, research suggests disinfected air can prevent the spread of Covid-19 On the morning of 4 February 2020,…

Consumer Retail
buymeie delivery

Buymie helps with shop and drop

Innovative Irish delivery business is just what the doctor ordered Just popping to the shops is not easy if you’re in quarantine. But long before the Covid-19 virus emerged as…

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