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rupert shaw ding

Ding: Keeping people connected despite the pandemic

Irish top-up pioneer helps takes the isolation out of isolation International mobile phone top-up provider Ding is helping people around the world to keep in touch with loved ones despite…


Corlytics helps take viral load off financial services sector

Irish regulatory technology company Corlytics, the global leader in regulatory risk intelligence, has launched a new solution to help financial institutions navigate the Covid-19 emergency. It is offering the innovation…

Swiftqueue COVID-19

Speedy testing slows down spread

Swiftqueue helps urgent test centres to get results The primary weapon countries have in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 is rapid testing of people presenting to their GP…


Global communications turn to Irish Covid-19 analytics

Global use of an Irish news analytics platform has shot up in recent weeks, as media companies around the world seek to shape their reporting on coronavirus, while blue chip…


Serosep helps to speed up results

In a pandemic, time is of the essence. A new diagnostic cuts 25% off testing times. Serosep, a leading manufacturer of laboratory diagnostic products, has developed a new weapon to…


Sing happy birthday to stay safe

Irish app SureWash provides us with a safe pair of hands All over Ireland people are singing happy birthday while they wash their hands. Then they sing it again. It’s…


The race is on at Aalto Bio

Irish biotech provides the raw materials in testing times Irish biotech company Aalto Bio has announced the availability of a new protein to test and diagnose the novel Coronovarius. It…


Irish aerosol drug delivery firm rises to global Covid-19 need

Given the numbers of people globally who need and will need care to recover from Covid-19 infection, one Irish medical device firm says it may double the number of units…


Wellola: Tailored and secure patient portals for healthcare providers

Responding to the urgent needs generated by the Covid-19 crisis, one Irish firm is providing tailored and secure patient portals to healthcare providers. Wellola builds practice management software for both…


Synecco: A global leader in medtech design and manufacture

In a world that is increasingly threatened by disease, with a population getting inexorably older, medical device manufacture is an understandably big business. Building – even modifying – medical devices…


Dairymaster: The agri-tech revolution in the Kingdom

Lorcan Allen visits the headquarters of milking technology company Dairymaster in Co Kerry to learn of the agri-tech ecosystem emerging in the country. On the surface, the rural village of…


Novaerus provides the power of plasma

Irish air purification system a possible key weapon in the war on coronavirus The outbreak of a new coronavirus has confirmed a fact long understood by Irish company Novaerus: we…

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