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XOCEAN: Vision for a Green Future

March 9, 2021 No Comments

XOCEAN work with customers across many sectors, but what they all have in common is the desire to improve marine safety and reduce carbon emissions. Traditional energy is quickly moving toward more sustainable solutions. As a result, the ocean economy is growing at a remarkable pace. The OECD predicts the ocean economy will double to 3 trillion by 2030. XOCEAN’s vision of a green future is one where innovative marine companies work together to gather and deliver data that’s both low-risk and low-carbon. 


How XOCEAN Energy are Creating a Greener Future 

Rather than using conventional ships with a full crew, this marine data collection company have developed a technology called the XO-450 Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV). XOCEAN’s original vehicle is the size of an average car and half the weight. It travels out to sea, collecting data from the marine environment while emitting 1,000 times less carbon than traditional ocean vessels. XOCEAN offset all carbon emissions, thereby delivering carbon neutral data to clients. In addition to substantially reducing environmental impacts of operations, their original technology delivers data to clients at a lower cost, while eliminating safety risks for crews. The XO-450 is satellite controlled, so operators and data processors can work from anywhere, even their own homes.


For the advancements in green energy to remain safe and sustainable, developers must understand the underwater landscape, properties of the seabed, currents, and weather, as well as details on the marine ecosystem. Comprehensive, reliable data enables companies to make informed decisions, manage operations responsibly, and perform their work with minimal impact to nature. XOCEAN support the growth of the green ocean economy by collecting important data in a new and much more sustainable way.


Bringing a Green Future into the Present

XOCEAN are unique in the data collection sector. They don’t sell their technology to marine companies. Instead, they operate the technology themselves, making them a data delivery business, rather than hardware or software providers. To date, XOCEAN have supplied data to over 12 different offshore wind farms around the EU, as well as projects in the Gulf of Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, and the Great Lakes. Last year, XOCEAN tripled revenues and doubled their team’s headcount. In addition to work in Europe and North America, they are also beginning operations in Asia. Their fleet of uncrewed vessels is growing as they continue to push the boundaries of the technology. This year, they will launch a brand new model of their vehicle, which boasts longer endurance and an increased capacity for data gathering.


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