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How Sonru supports clients like Rolls-Royce in the worldwide war for talent Talent Management

How Sonru supports clients like Rolls-Royce in the worldwide war for talent

April 9, 2018 No Comments

Globally renowned Rolls-Royce, which today designs, manufactures and distributes power systems for aviation and other industries, was an early adopter of solutions developed by Sonru, an Irish technology company that has pioneered the use of automated, asynchronous video interviewing to help businesses find, select and recruit talent.

“Sonru has been really helpful to us, in terms of efficiencies,” explains Sue Anne Lee, Rolls-Royce’s head of talent and leadership development Asia Pacific, based in Singapore.

“For example, when we were building up headcount for our research centre in Bangalore by around 500 people, Sonru was very helpful because first round interviews took place all over India and our hiring managers were in different locations. Sonru helps increase the efficiency and speed at which we manage volume recruitment.”

How Sonru works

Using Sonru’s solution allows candidates to record video interviews at a time and place that suits them, while also allowing employers to watch them back at their own convenience.

The solution works by enabling recruiters to replicate a live interview, replacing early-stage phone, Skype or face-to-face interviews. Because neither party has to be online at the same time, recruiters don’t need to worry about scheduling, time zone restrictions, or no-shows.

Employers have full control of the questions, allowing them screen out unsuitable candidates – and meet the best ones – much earlier in the recruitment process than traditional methods allow.

Based in Wexford and Dublin in Ireland, Sonru has offices in the UK, Singapore, and Australia. The company has more than 500 enterprise clients, including Fortune Global 500 companies, and is translated into 19 languages, capturing thousands of interviews every day in every corner of the globe.

“We’re very focused on providing a premium candidate experience,” explains founder and CEO, Ed Hendrick. “It’s very important that the candidate gets a great impression of the prospective employer right from the start, including through the choice of tools they use. Sonru enables employers to present the tool as entirely their own branded experience.”

How Sonru works - Irish talent management company

Accessibility allows Sonru to widen the talent pool

Another reason behind Sonru’s global success as a candidate selection tool is that it has been designed to provide a very high-end experience even at very low broadband speeds.

“For candidates, it requires just 0.14mbs, a very slow speed,” says Hendrick. “It is all about making automated, asynchronous video interviewing as accessible as possible to any candidate, wherever they are.”

Doing so widens the talent pool, enabling employers to source candidates from places around the world that may not yet have high speed broadband, such as parts of Asia and Africa, he says.

“Up until Sonru was established, people used video to create YouTube content for entertainment, while businesses used video conferencing when they couldn’t hold face to face meetings. But video conferencing was expensive and only available to those with deep pockets. We’ve changed all that and we did it on the basis that, to work, Sonru has to be available to candidates all over the world, regardless of broadband. We designed it be accessible to all.”

The product is supported by the company’s strong customer service ethic. “One of the key things our clients tell us we deliver very well is the support we offer both to candidates and customers. I think that is a function of our Irishness. As a nation, we are a friendly people who are nice to deal with and want to help.”

It is one reason why Sonru was designed to provide a positive user experience. “Our focus on delivering great customer service feeds in to the very strong completion rates we achieve through our interviews, averaging around 75% across our entire client base.”

Efficient recruitment saves time and money

“The product is quick and easy to use and 85% of candidates are sitting at home as they make their video, with 60% of them doing so in the evenings and at weekends. It’s all about convenience,” he says.

Candidates are given preliminary questions to help them get comfortable talking to the camera. Then, once they start the interview proper, it’s recorded in one go. “That’s what customers want, to capture the entire interview process, not a rehearsed and polished version of it,” Hendrick adds.

“We’re not replacing the final face-to-face or telephone interview but we are capturing a lot more information in advance of that meeting so that, when it takes place, it can be much more of a ‘deep dive’, and both parties can be a lot more confident about each other.”

Delivering a more efficient and accessible experience to clients and candidates across the world, Sonru is a trusted asset to global businesses in the worldwide war for talent.

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