Plenty of Roomex for expansion Travel Tech

Plenty of Roomex for expansion

December 18, 2019 No Comments

Advances in technology have left the world a much smaller place, with companies doing business in every corner of the globe, and many regularly travelling between continents.

As trading on a global scale has become common, so too has organising and booking travel, accommodation and conferences, no matter where in the world they might be.

Roomex is the perfect example of how booking business travel has evolved. The Irish company, which was established in 2004, was originally a B2C hotel booking platform. A decade later, the company pivoted into a pure B2B business, with major UK and Irish companies now booking all of their workforce travel through the Roomex system.

Earlier this year, it launched into the DACH region and within the first couple of months had over 30 customers. With 3,000 customers now booking their global travel via Roomex, the company is experiencing massive growth and planning their next market entry.

How Roomex makes workforce travel easier for everyone

“Roomex makes workforce travel easier for the finance department, hotel booker and the traveller,” explains Lia Bresnihan, the company’s marketing VP. “We specialise in servicing the construction, manufacturing, engineering and retail industries, or any company that has a workforce based on the road rather than in an office.”

She adds that Roomex is the place to go for free, B2B, self-service travel management with expert support offering cost savings, a simplified expense management system, single invoice and the “best availability and rates on hotels globally”.

“As a customer, you get your own branded booking platform, where your staff can search, book and manage all their hotel bookings and related expenses, searching and comparing all suppliers globally within one single platform,” said Bresnihan. “Our platform also contains a complete analytics solution where you can break down your travel spend by cost code, department, project or location and forecast future spend. We also provide the data to help our customers make cost-saving decisions backed by data.

“The value Roomex gives is really providing the finance and procurement teams with visibility and control over travel spend and providing travel bookers and travellers with a more effective solution for managing travel – it basically helps our customers become more efficient.”

Any work-related trip can be booked via this innovative platform and there is a team of travel experts to manage group and project bookings and offer advice if plans change and amendments need to be made.

“We often say our USP is the technology we provide that helps customers make cost and time savings,” said Lia Bresnihan. “But it is also the fact that you can compare the largest source of hotels globally from one single platform and pay on one single invoice. And I’m hearing more frequently from customers that they are really grateful for our team of travel experts who go above and beyond to help them have a great trip. They make travelling so much easier and cater for out-of-hours check ins as well as making reservation checks on all bookings to ensure that every time our customers arrive at the hotel there are no surprises and their trip is as seamless as possible.

“We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from customers with most praising our ‘efficient and professional team’ and others commenting on how ‘user friendly and time saving’ the online booking tool is and frequently receive praise for how helpful and accommodating’ the team is – so it is great to hear such positive reviews from everyone.”

The marketing boss says the most tangible benefit to customers, travelling both domestically and around the globe, is the financial perks of the system.

“They can see up to 21% savings on their hotel cost once they partner with us,” she said. “But there is also the invisible cost of time and efficiency and that is why we see more and more procurement teams looking to talk to us in order to streamline processes across the business and get visibility on spend in order to reduce it.”

While 2019 was a great year for the company, Bresnihan believes that 2020 will be even more successful for both Roomex and the business travellers who use the system.

“We have seen incredible growth in all of our key metrics during the past 12 months with over 150% growth in acquisition,” she said. “This is because we work very closely with our customers to make sure they see the benefit immediately – in fact, the challenge we often have is helping them roll out the platform to all relevant staff.

“As a lot of people are used to booking travel a certain way, we work closely with our customers to help them educate their staff on the efficiencies available via our technology – so we envisage that the coming year will be very positive as our platform reaches more customers both at home and abroad.”

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