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Over-C brings round-the-clock productivity to large organisations

February 18, 2019 No Comments

Productivity in large companies is becoming ever more important as organisations realise they need to optimise their performance 24/7 in order to be leaner and more profitable. Big data and analytics provide an immense opportunity to help achieve these goals, giving invaluable insights into business operations with the potential to deliver more efficiencies and cost savings. In particular, the service sector, and companies with many off-site employees or outsourced staff, are ripe for digital transformation.

Irish technology company Over-C is one firm that is helping organisations streamline business activities with real-time feedback, enabling them to easily comply with business regulations. The Cork-based company, which has offices in London, has made great progress in transforming the operations of British companies by offering tailored IT solutions. Essentially Over-C helps businesses with large amounts of contracted staff answer the question: how do you control and manage their time and ensure productivity? It’s a big challenge for numerous businesses and Over-C provides the technology to allow directors and management teams to monitor staff and site activity – even at 2am, if needed – and consequently look at what actions are required to be more productive.

The company has recently partnered with, Telefonica, to resell their solution under the product name, O2 Smart Compliance, powered by Over-C. Recent contract successes have been with ScotRail – Scotland’s national rail provider. The online real-time platform enables ScotRail’s staff to input information on health and safety issues via a smartphone app and provide evidence of security duties carried out within preset ‘zones’ or areas of Scotland’s railway stations. The project is nearly one year into a five-year contract; ScotRail manages 350 stations and employs more than 5,000 people.

Innovative solutions for a competitive environment

“We are committed to bringing innovative solutions to organisations and helping them thrive in a competitive environment where compliance to regulations is paramount,” says Michael Elliott, CEO of Over-C. “ScotRail has benefitted greatly from our platform in allowing managers to easily assess what tasks have been carried out and what other issues they need to address. The recording of information provides a digital audit trail that can be traced on any smartphone, tablet or PC at any time in any location.”

He adds: “We are building a community so people feel respected not neglected. We foresee that many other organisations will also see the benefit of working with us so that we can create a digital reporting tool that meets their needs.”

Stephen Elliot, Security Manager for ScotRail, says: “The beauty of the O2 Smart Compliance powered by Over-C system is that it can feed back; it’s got in-built reminders that push information to the phone. With the software we can see when each zone has been searched, when and who by; it’s recorded within the system and can’t be manipulated. Because they developed the system around our needs, we are one of the first train operating companies in the UK to use this zonal system. This system is leading the way – it’s the gold standard.”

Ability to make transformative decisions

Over-C was founded in 2011 by Michael Elliott and now employs 34 staff. Elliott previously owned a security company with 500+ employees and outsourced staff in the UK; he became acutely aware of the challenges that a large organisation can face in terms of employee management and decided to devise a digital platform that could be used in many different organisational environments. The company began working with Enterprise Ireland in 2015 after taking part in a Bank of Ireland Accelerator programme.

Over-C’s platform uses algorithms to predict and optimise operational performance based on results from previous tasks, with new inputs enabling consistent updates of information. Insights created from Over-C analytics is visualised in live dashboards that enables businesses to make transformative decisions, saving money, enhancing compliance and increasing productivity. Over-C’s technology has led to operational savings of up to 20% for its clients and, on average, a 50% increase in operational performance, in the first month alone.

Using standard mobile devices and strategically placed sensors to provide transparency of operations through real-time data, the technology enables business leaders to rethink their operating models, drive performance forward and ensure legislative compliance.

Padraic Geraghty, Market Advisor for Digital Technologies at Enterprise Ireland, says: “Over-C is a great example of how an innovative outlook and a desire to fulfil customers’ needs can lead to a really useful digital platform that can enhance operational efficiency and productivity.”

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