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&Open: A high-tech platform for delivering a global, personal touch

November 16, 2018 No Comments

With offices in Dublin, Ireland and San Francisco, California, &Open operates the world’s first customer happiness platform. While many businesses send gifts, &Open is the only gifting company that uses a platform — one that the &Open team created themselves — to deliver gifts, track inventory, and automate the entire workflow.

“Our platform allows clients to send the perfect gift from options designed and developed specifically for their brand,” said Jonathan Legge, CEO, &Open. “The gifts can be shipped around the world, at local rates, using &Open’s automated network.”

Ciara Flood, Jonathan Legge and Mark Legge

Companies can also manage their team’s access to the platform and track inventory and customer engagement all in one place. Legge explained that while the idea of ‘surprising and delighting’ customers is not new, and that many companies use gifts as a customer retention strategy, isolated gifting moments can be expensive, and their impact is hard to track.

“It’s clear that gifting forms deep, loyal customer relationships,” added Legge. “Through personal, handwritten notes and gifts that speak to them, customers know that they are truly appreciated. Through our technology, we help clients develop loyal customers that become advocates.”


Act local, think global

To build upon success, a prominent client had encouraged &Open to grow their business by opening an office in San Francisco, California. The team was looking to deliver an even tighter level of service by having a presence within the same time zone.

“By having our San Francisco office, we are closer to our US clients and can develop even stronger relationships through face-to-face interactions and other events,” added Legge. “Opening the office in the US has been a great move for us.” 

And to take business progress in the other direction, Legge explained that many of their US client companies are looking to expand their business outside North America. &Open has the global contacts, logistical framework, and insights in place to assist with international growth.

In October 2018, for example, &Open launched a new enterprise-level version of their platform in China. This let their client, Airbnb, expand their operations in a growing market. This successful launch demonstrates &Open’s ability to manage the technological and logistical needs of its client  – a framework that scaling companies, who are looking to expand internationally, can plug into.

The Irish advantage

Innovative, flexible and trusted – Irish companies are delivering a competitive advantage in all sectors in the US and around the world. Ireland’s uniquely open, fast-moving and collaborative economy develops people and companies with an unmatched track record of meeting the needs of global market leaders. 

“Companies in Ireland are well positioned between Europe and the United States and have the advantage of a large number of European HQs at their doorstep,” said Helen Lummis, Account Manager, &Open, North America. “Ireland’s EU membership and the fact that it’s the only English-speaking member of the EU, are also big advantages when helping US companies expand globally. Selecting an Ireland-based partner makes good business sense.”

Irish companies have a unique approach to partnering with global customers. The Irish workforce is one of the most flexible and educated in the world, and a forward-looking mindset means that product, service and process innovation is a key driving factor. Coupled with a proven track record of meeting global market leader needs, the Irish Advantage is obvious.

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