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LearnUpon: Delivering learning management excellence with industry-leading customer support

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LearnUpon was founded in early 2012 with the vision of building an enterprise level Learning Management System (LMS) platform that is quick to set up and easy to use. LearnUpon’s LMS helps organizations train employees, partners, and customers alike. With an intuitive user interface, businesses can manage, track, and achieve their diverse learning goals — all through a single, powerful solution.

Trusted by over 1,000 companies worldwide including Ping, TripAdvisor, Twilio, Herman Miller, Vauxhall, and Allstate, LearnUpon is one of the fastest growing LMSs on the market today.

“Our platform stands out in an industry that’s filled with clunky, outdated learning management systems,” said Brendan Noud, CEO, and co-founder of LearnUpon. “We constantly work to improve our product based on customer feedback. A LearnUpon customer is not only subscribing to a world-class LMS now, they’re subscribing to a platform that will continually enhance and evolve.”

LearnUpon founders Des Anderson, CTO (left) and Brendan Noud, CEO (right)

Industry-leading customer support

LearnUpon is recognised as one of the top-5 cloud-based vendors in the world. The company has achieved this success by putting their customers at the heart of everything they do. The company has built an experienced and passionate global team of more than 80 employees across offices in Dublin, Belgrade, Sydney, and Philadelphia to support their global customer base.

LearnUpon competes and succeeds against Nasdaq and NYSE listed PLCs, as well as highly funded private equity and venture-backed companies. They are positioned to become the LMS market leader for SMB and enterprise businesses.

“LearnUpon hasn’t raised professional investor money; our growth to more than 1,000 customers, with the majority of those based in the US, has been driven by customer recognition,” said Noud. “By putting our customers’ goals first, we make sure that every learning opportunity is an experience that advances their employee, partner, and customer success.”

LearnUpon’s reputation as an easy to use platform with exceptional customer support has resulted in generating exceedingly happy customers. Customer surveys show that the company’s high-quality customer support is a key competitive advantage. LearnUpon holds a Net Promoter Score of 55%+, compared to an average of 30% for software companies, and negative NPS scores for the LMS industry. Approximately 25% of their new customers are referred by existing customers.

Some of our first customers were US-based, so we’ve always focused on building strong relationships with US businesses and it’s our biggest market,” said Noud. “Our team works in shifts to support US time zones, and because the service is cloud-based, many customers are not aware that we’re an Irish company until they hear our accents.”

The majority of LearnUpon’s customers are based in the US. Notable US customers include SmartBear, Ping, Allstate, Twilio, and Herman Miller. A selection of LearnUpon customer success stories can be found here.

LearnUpon’s Irish advantage

Irish companies are known for their unique approach to partnering with global customers. A forward-looking mindset means that product, service and process innovation is a key driving factor. Coupled with a proven track record of meeting global market leader needs, the Irish Advantage is obvious.

The adaptability of Ireland’s exporting companies is further helped by a young, motivated workforce, which, according to the OECD, is one of the most educated in the world. Ireland’s education system also ranks in the top 10 globally for meeting the needs of a competitive economy.

“Irish companies are made up of a highly educated workforce that believe in using technology to improve the customer experience,” added Noud. “We’re confident but not arrogant, we work hard to put the customer first. Irish employees’ experienced, friendly, and understanding nature enables them to work with customers from a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures.”

LearnUpon was recently named the sixth fastest growing company in the 2018 Deloitte Technology Fast 50.

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