How Kooba delivers digital success in Berlin and San Francisco

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Dublin digital agency ensures clients hit the metrics that matter.

When the German Federal Government commissioned an online space for a cultural initiative, Irish agency Kooba delivered it.

Kultur und Kreativpiloten Deutschland is a national competition for Germany’s creative and cultural industries. By the end of the project, not only did the client get an attractive online presence – a prerequisite – but Kooba ensured that the platform provided a terrific user experience to three separate audiences.

The Kultur und Kreativpiloten Deutschland site showcases winning pilot projects to the public. It supports applicants entering the competition and also helps to manage the contest in such a way as to make the task as easy as possible for judges.

The result is a website that both encourages entries and helps the competition flow smoothly.

“It’s an exciting project that perfectly showcases our creative and our tech expertise,” says Kooba founder and managing director, Emmet Dunne.

Results-driven approach attracts success for Kooba

It also shows precisely the kind of creative and results-driven approach Kooba adopts for clients. Since it was established in 2005, the agency’s work has focused on creating meaningful digital engagement, the kind that turns online traffic into tangible business results.

“Our customers depend on online success. We deliver it,” says Dunne.

“The key to our success has been that clients see proven results. For any agency, a good looking website should be a given. For us, it’s all about getting an understanding of what the client’s business objectives are.”

This could be lead generation, delivering information, or sales.

“Whatever it is, every part of the design is developed to meet that objective,” says Dunne. “And because everything we do is tracked, it’s very easy for us to show the impact we’ve had too.”

Launching a digital project is just the beginning

For Kooba the launch of a site is just the beginning. “For us it’s all about building long-term relationships. It’s a relationship that starts right back at the brief stage. A key part of our job is challenging the brief, filling in any gaps and holes to help build a better brief and from there identifying objectives and key performance indicators, establishing numbers and targets.”

Innovation underpins all of Kooba’s work. “There is no cookie cutter work here, everything we do is bespoke.”

One project the agency recently delivered was the creation of a new online presence for Aviva on Lansdowne Road, home of Irish rugby. The presence doesn’t just showcase the venue and its events but enables more efficient access of visitors to Ireland’s biggest stadium.

Prior to founding the company, Dunne worked in the US, UK, and Australia. That international mindset has informed its development. Today, Kooba has teams in Berlin and Dublin.

Berlin’s start-up scene is proving a good fit

“We’d always been able to win clients from the UK and US from Ireland but we wanted to focus on a non-English speaking market too,” explains Dunne.

“We chose Berlin because one of our key targets is the tech start-up sector. That has proven an ideal industry for us and Berlin has a really interesting start-up scene, as well as being very interesting from a creative perspective generally.”

Both at home and abroad, the agency has developed a reputation “for really pushing a brand as far as it can go online, for showing the possibilities. Online can be that bit more experimental than print because you can push things out and start A/B testing,” he says.

Tech start-ups understand the value of an engaging conversion-focused online presence, which is why the team at Kooba loves working with them.  “Where we have the most success is always where the client sees how important online is to them. They understand the transformational impact it can have on their business, how it is the most important sales tool they have, and how it could be the difference between success and failure to them.”

Swrve partners with Kooba to increase customer engagement

Swrve is a good example. It was set up in 2010 and has grown into a major international provider of real-time marketing automation software.

It increases customer engagement for a range of clients, from Microsoft to the airline Emirates, through dynamic campaigns that deliver relevant, personalised messages across mobile, email, web, TV and emerging digital channels, including systems such as Alexa.

Swrve has offices in San Francisco, Dublin and London, and is installed in 2 billion apps worldwide, tracking 12 billion mobile events every day.

“Before I came here, Kooba were our web partners,” says Suzanne McVey, Swrve’s Director of Digital Marketing & Operations. “The relationship has grown over the years to the point that they have become our digital partner.”

Kooba delivers added value to Swrve in a variety of ways, from working with it through marketing automation tools such as Pardot and Marketo to helping it with Java script and coding.

“They are highly professional. If I email them with a query, within 10 minutes it’s either sorted or it is in (project management and team communication software) Basecamp – which they introduced to us – which provides timelines and puts everyone on the same page, leaving no room for discrepancies,” she says.

“When it comes to marketing campaigns, whether it is optimising landing pages or coming up with ideas to drive up conversion rates or trying different types of chatbot, or coming back to me with metrics, looking into Google Analytics, driving SEO to push us to the top of the Google rankings – all are contributions that go straight to our bottom line.”

If anything it’s more than a partnering relationship. “It’s actually like having another employee,” says McVey. “We know they want us to achieve.”

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