Inhance Technology: Innovative apps remotely assess the condition of mobile devices Tech

Inhance Technology: Innovative apps remotely assess the condition of mobile devices

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An emphasis on partnership and a strong engineering team are key to Inhance Technology’s success in delivering on clients’ needs in a fast-paced market.

Inhance Technology’s early products were developed to recover mobile devices and data, and went on to include the first wireless method of moving data between devices without needing to store it. CEO William Fitzgerald says that the success of these early products, still in use today, helped the company to build partnerships in a range of sectors: “From talking to these companies we started to understand their pain points, and from there we developed our latest product, which uses diagnostics to remotely assess the condition of a mobile device. That has a number of applications in the insurance industry, reverse logistics, leasing, customer service among others, so we’re addressing quite a lot of areas with that product.”

In general, consumers either download the product from the main app stores or receive it as part of an app already on the device, and then complete a series of tests to assess the device’s condition – from the sensors and buttons to the display and even the screen glass. These white label applications carry the partner company’s branding, increasing its value to Inhance’s customers.

As well as supporting the valuation of devices for resale, insurance and trade-in, the remote assessment technology also has a value to consumers, William explains: “40% of devices will go back to the warehouse at some point with a fault that’s classified as ‘no fault found’. We can tackle that while the consumer still has their device.”

This consumer focus is key to Inhance’s business model: “We start with the consumer when we’re building the applications, with ease of use for them as a priority. We always have the end user in mind and I think that’s where a lot of our success has come from.”

Innovation and partnership

In a fast-paced, dynamic and competitive landscape, innovation is crucial. CFO/COO John Burke says the strength of an engineering team with almost 200 years of experience between them is pivotal to this: “We get the engineers involved very early on to help guide the client through the process. We like to be seen as the innovation partners by our clients.”

Focused development underpinned by cutting-edge R&D has seen the company granted 32 patents so far, with 40 more at various stages of the application process. William says that everything comes back to partnership: “Once you get into the right partnership, they will bring you to the right customer. The products we develop come as a result of understanding pain points rather than developing tech for the sake of it – it’s all about building something that’s relevant to the market.”

Inhance is justifiably proud of partners that include tier one original equipment manufacturers, regional and global carriers, insurance providers, retailers, and the largest device logistics companies in the world.

Speed and scale of Inhance approach

Meeting their partners’ needs quickly and efficiently is key, according to John: “We can demonstrate capability same day; we can spin up an app, white label it and take on the customer brand within a couple of days, which is hugely beneficial to our partners and to the end client.”

And the company’s technology is readily adaptable to existing products, as William explains: “We can deliver a software development kit, where our technology is incorporated into an existing app. We supply a few lines of code and all of our services get pulled into their current app, so you can have 100,000 to one million customers set up overnight.”

Inhance has worked with partners in Europe, the US and Canada for a number of years. The company is also active in the Asia-Pacific region, in Australia and New Zealand. Europe can be challenging, as fragmentation of the market can make achieving scale more difficult, but this is a challenge they embrace, says John: “We don’t rule out any market. We run pilots in particular markets, to test the technology and work out the flow. It’s the same underlying technology with some translations and maybe some local customisations – the product has a global reach, which is the exciting thing.”

The plan for the future is to keep the momentum going, says William: “Over the last six months in particular we’ve started to see more inbound enquiries as we get better known in the marketplace for our innovation and our accuracy. The mobile space is a tough space to operate in and we have to stay ahead of the game. We need to be a couple of years ahead of what’s currently out there all the time.”

John concludes: “We’re very lucky to have a unique service and value proposition in the market at the moment, but we can’t sit still; we have to continue to innovate.”

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