FieldAware reaches US market to deliver unique field service tech and support

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Dublin-based FieldAware was founded with the future of the field service industry in mind. Company founders saw a need to create an all-in-one platform that included scheduling and reporting through automated, bidirectional, live communication between the field and the back office. Technology innovation and a culture of customer support have helped FieldAware become the fastest-growing field service software-as-a-service (SaaS) company on the market.

We recently sat down with Marc Tatarsky, SVP Marketing, FieldAware, to discuss the company’s growth, opportunities within the US and global tech sector, and the Irish advantage.

What makes FieldAware unique?

Field service is quite complex, and our clients want to fully enable their remote workers by providing easy access to the information they need when they need it. They also want to provide the back office and management teams with complete visibility too. This means providing transparency to the workflows, the worker, assets, and parts that are being used in the field so that operations can be managed effectively and productively.

FieldAware delivers a suite of software and support services to companies with field service operations. We designed our solution to address the decades-old challenge of automating field service activities and workers from the ground up. We enable them to capitalize on a modern technology infrastructure for ease of use and incredible flexibility.

FieldAware delivers an end-to-end solution encompassing a robust suite of core functionality bundled into the primary solution that automates most field service organizations. In addition, FieldAware offers value-add modules for enhanced capabilities, such as analytics, optimization, dynamic workflows, all with the benefits and accessibility that only a made-for-mobile platform architecture can bring.

And unlike most competitors, our focus is 100% on field service management, which allows us to put all of our R&D efforts into continuously innovating our solution without any distractions or competing priorities regarding resource and investment.

What role does customer service play in such a data-driven solution?

From an operational perspective, we understand the challenges our clients are looking to solve and help them achieve their strategic objectives. We work with clients to gain a full understanding of their key business requirements, where they are starting from and help to identify the steps needed to achieve their objectives.

This might include a focus on resources and resource planning. It could center around the customer experience and how to meet or exceed expectations. It may be that the client has a strong focus on cost and how to balance the cost of service delivery with profitability. One key finding we have encountered is that the field service management solution and workflows must seamlessly work with whatever existing or new systems or solutions the client requires for their back-office support to maximize operational success.

We understand that no two businesses are exactly alike. Rather than deliver an out-of-the-box solution that limits options, through connectors, FieldAware’s open API can communicate with other web-based products, enabling bidirectional transfer of data and automating the service chain. The flexibility we provide empowers our customers with the ability to match current business processes and automate the gathering of information from the field to the back office and deliver real business results.

Some of the greatest successes we have is where we have helped clients realize their ambitions for growth while ensuring that the quality of service they deliver to their customers and the associated cost management is achieved.

What aspects of FieldAware attracts US clients?

We have a strong operational and local presence in North America. This provides us with a thorough understanding of the market requirements, legislation and general challenges being faced. More specifically, our focus on delivering the best suite of solutions to field service organizations means we are often considered the go-to company for their requirements.

Combining these two factors of a strong market presence with a leading business solution, our clients get access to a winning combination. Add in our understanding of their field service business requirements, the partnership approach we take, and the ongoing local support services we provide, and our clients get access to a world-class solution that provides a fast return on investment.

Our work with the Meadows Service Group is a good client success example where we help their team focus on maximizing the lifetime and effectiveness of their clients’ workplace assets. As a one-stop resource, Meadows’ services include furniture maintenance, asset management, inventory control, on-demand service, and furniture rental, ultimately saving their clients time and money.

Does being an Irish company have an advantage?

In addition to our Dublin-based R&D organization, with our North America presence, we also have a great team of customer success managers who operate across the US, more locally working closely with our clients. This team is fundamental in helping clients on a one-on-one basis, ensuring they are making the most of the entire suite of solutions to maximize their investment and achieve results.

Around the world, Irish companies bring with them a solid reputation for strong technology expertise and innovation, and FieldAware is no different. The fast-moving pace of our work calls for flexible, innovative and forward-thinking individuals. With our R&D based in Dublin, we have easy access to the significant pool of talent in the technology industry within Ireland, as well as across Europe. The continuous development seen within the sector also means we can take advantage of this and ensures ongoing innovation within our work.

Irish companies are well positioned with good access into Europe and being English-speaking is a significant additional benefit in the global economy.

Learn more about FieldAware at:

FieldAware blog

FieldAware Insights

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