Boxever uses AI to deliver smarter customer interactions Travel Tech

Boxever uses AI to deliver smarter customer interactions for clients like Ryanair

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Ranked by Forbes as one of the most powerful examples of AI in use today, Boxever’s platform is revolutionising the art of customer engagement.

In the complex and competitive world of airlines, customer experience is king. A key element of that experience is personalised, timely, relevant customer interaction. Dublin company Boxever’s leading edge machine learning platform creates hyper-personalised notifications based on time, location and the customer’s past behaviour, enabling airlines to deliver a game-changing customer experience, and to improve customer acquisition and conversion rates.

Set up in 2011, Boxever coupled its founders’ inside knowledge of the airline industry with their passion for state-of-the-art data analytics and cloud-based technology.

“We took advantage of the fact that other, bigger operators in our space were very traditional, using on-premise, old school technology, and we were quickly able to take them on and win based on our advanced technology,” says Boxever CEO, Dave O’Flanagan.

Boxever delivers for airlines

Boxever’s platform builds customer profiles using data gathered by the airline and then uses AI to automate decisions about how to personalise interactions across all channels – SMS, web, email, social media, contact centreat key points on the customer’s journey.

“By connecting all of our client’s data and channels in one place we’re helping airlines to better understand who their customers are and become smarter every time they interact with them; for example, offering the right product, cross-selling a product, or providing the right service if there’s a problem,” says O Flanagan.

Boxever’s platform is used by over 20 airlines across the world including Emirates, Ryanair, Viva Air Group, Aer Lingus, Cebu Pacific and Jetstar. Low-cost carrier Jetstar selected Boxever to help it enhance customer experience and increase revenues, and in just eight months had realised millions of euros in additional income. The impressive results were achieved through the deployment of several applications including customised urgency messaging, abandoned shopping cart recovery emails, and personalised pre-return emails to capitalise on ancillary opportunities such as taxis and hotels.

“Boxever is our centralised brain for personalisation, decisioning and orchestration for our customer touchpoints, from marketing, digital and within our call centre,” says Cathryn Arnold, Head of Digital at Jetstar Group.

Similar success stories are evident among all of Boxever’s customers but the company is not resting on its laurels. A radical overhaul of Engage last year produced a decisioning engine with even more power, scale, speed and usability and led to the company being named in Gartner’s first ever Personalisation Engine Magic Quadrant.

Boxever delivers for other industries

Although it began as an airline specialist, the company has decided to spread its wings.

“About 18 months ago, we decided that the learning we’d accrued in airlines was transferable to other sectors,” says O Flanagan. “In airlines, the customer experience is a real differentiator. But increasingly, the same applies to industries such as insurance, banking, utilities and financial services where it is becoming easier and less costly to switch from one provider to another. So we saw a huge opportunity.

“We feel we have a strong proposition to help organisations in those industries be smarter in how they communicate with their customers. We can help them drive revenue by putting the right thing in front of the customer and making sure that when there’s a service issue or problem, they respond in a timely manner with the right content and message for the customer.”

The potential market for Boxever’s technology now runs to tens of thousands of organisations across these industries. Initially targeting the UK and Ireland, the company is planning to set up an office in the US and is focused on augmenting its airline success with success across other sectors.

Boxever uses AI to deliver smarter customer interactions in travel tech

Beyond technology

With a team of world-class specialists available round the clock, Boxever goes beyond providing world-class technology to also providing ongoing world-class support.

“We have a really powerful platform that can respond to customers’ needs in milliseconds but to make full use of that platform you’re going to need some expertise from us or our partners to make sure your business is doing the right stuff and leveraging the capability of the system,” says O’Flanagan.

“Terms like ‘digital transformation’ and ‘personalisation’ are nebulous and organisations can be a bit overwhelmed and feel under pressure to ‘do AI’ without really knowing where to start. We really work to understand the customer and their needs, and I think organisations greatly appreciate that our knowledge and experience, as well as our technology, can help them get started or become more effective in this space.

“We don’t hand over technology and walk away. Quite the opposite: we’re long-term partners to our customers.”

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