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Altada Technology Solutions: Applying AI to help navigate the Covid-19 Crisis

June 9, 2020 No Comments

Irish AI company Altada Technology Solutions applies artificial intelligence in the healthcare and finance sectors to help in the battle against Covid-19.

Altada provides scalable AI solutions to companies with large, unstructured data sets. By exploiting a company’s data fabric, Altada have successfully driven client’s automation, data-driven decision making, enabled scale, and overall increased their profitability through AI.

“We are proud to help frontline workers by offering our expertise in operational AI to increase data efficiency,” said Allan Beechinor, CEO and Founder of Altada. “The aim is to help our clients through this stressful, unprecedented time. We are currently scaling up and expanding our team that is set up to work remotely. Therefore, we are strategically placed to help various organisations during this pandemic.”

Altada Technology Solutions is working with healthcare providers internationally during the Covid 19 pandemic, as well as helping various financial services companies navigate the crisis.
Through the use of operational AI, Altada can deploy data intelligence techniques and personalised AI models to provide solutions for healthcare, financial service, and a wide range of other companies and organisations.

“Resource planning it is now of utmost importance as we attempt to calculate when the number of new positive cases will plateau,” said Beechinor. “Our models will be used to calculate this and help with post plateau and admissions, therefore, calculating a more accurate number of ventilators needed and calculate when an ICU bed becomes available.”

The company’s data analytics is employing the following recommended models to provide solutions during the outbreak, including the SEIR model that follows the flow of people between four states who are: Susceptible, Exposed, Infected, and Resistant with the Covid virus. Each of those variables represents the number of people in those groups. The SEIR model is an epidemiological model that computes the theoretical number of people infected with a contagious illness in a closed population over time.

Alongside helping firms navigate the crisis with their technology, Altada have also found a way to help their local community. In County Cork, Ireland, Altada are funding groceries needed by those in isolation. This initiative began when Beechinor’s son and friends created an app to assist those in nursing homes who are lonely at this time. The initiative further demonstrates Irish innovation when it is needed most.

Enterprise Ireland is proud to support Altada, an innovative Irish company developing solutions to help the world at this time,” said Amy Robinson, Trade Development Executive, Enterprise Ireland. “We fully support Altada, other Irish companies and global organizations as we all look for ways to assist in the effort.”



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