Abodoo champions smart working for a changing world Talent Management

Abodoo champions smart working for a changing world

November 8, 2018 No Comments

Companies are being reshaped as the nature of work changes. For many, the 9-5 workday and the workplace itself are no longer relevant. Amid a rising global trend towards a ‘flatter organisation’, Irish company Abodoo champions the success of small scale, decentralised business units, or self-contained work groups, that operate from co-working hubs, smart villages, and the home.

Abodoo developed a business strategy to support its goals of becoming synonymous with the smart working community and a force for change within the business world. Collaborations include Vodafone, with the promotion and support of remote working for Irish businesses. The two companies are working together to educate employers on the benefits of smart working, including attracting and retaining talent, promoting diversity, inclusion and a healthy work-life balance.

The partnership is intended to provide direct support to the Gigabit Hubs initiative from Vodafone and SIRO (a broadband joint venture between Vodafone and ESB (The Electricity Supply Board), a state-owned electricity company operating in Ireland). The hubs provide one gigabit broadband connections – considered the gold standard of internet access internationally – free for two years to businesses and remote workers.

Abodoo is leading smart working

Abodoo is ahead of the game – aware that economic and social changes mean that people have complex lives within and beyond work. The company’s far-sighted co-founders Vanessa Tierney and Ben Wainwright saw the benefits for businesses to evolve their employer model and embrace smart working. 

Companies that are lean, agile and quick to respond to change now have an edge. Sourcing the very best talent, not restricted by location, and providing a smart working environment, in which employees can choose to work from a remote location is becoming a norm. These changes can also create a culture in which employees are truly empowered. People are not measured on the time they spend in the office but on the quality of their output.

Abodoo knew that it needed to offer the right digital platform and a unique service, which differentiated it from traditional recruitment practices, supported by education, to help companies achieve the benefits of a correct balance between business and individual needs, professional requirements and working patterns. Its solution is enabled by advances in technology, including broadband connections, Wi-Fi, web conferencing, secure data transfer, and cloud-based software, which allows access to information and customer data from any location at any time.

Solving complex recruitment challenges

Helping businesses to solve complex recruitment challenges every day, Abodoo stands apart in many ways, not least in its unique matching algorithms. Candidates complete a profile rather than a CV, which supports matches with exact parameters. Profiles are anonymous until the interview process, eliminating any unconscious bias based on identifiers.

One of Abodoo’s strengths is its entrepreneurial approach to business. It is an organisation that is quick to respond to new ideas and new ways of working. Its structure focuses on servicing diverse customer needs in a fast-changing global marketplace.

Mark Herbert of Ecovis says, “We cannot recommend Abodoo highly enough to anyone looking to hire top quality talent. It significantly reduced our time to hire, saved us a fortune on commission fees and made the whole process so simple. Their customer service and results were unparalleled. We could hire 60 people with Abodoo for the same cost as 1 agency commission fee – it’s incredible.”

Sue Marshall, CEO, Abodoo

Sue Marshall, CEO, Abodoo

Sue Marshall, CEO of Abodoo, credits the support received from Enterprise Ireland, the Irish Government’s trade and innovation agency, as crucial to its success and ambitious growth in the United Kingdom in 2018, and its planned expansion into the US in 2019.

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