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As retail evolves rapidly online, in physical stores and in global supply chains, the challenges for the businesses involved become both more diverse and pressing. Irish companies are addressing these new challenges by deriving high-value insights from complex data set using the latest artificial intelligence and data analytics techniques.

A key strength of Ireland’s retail technology sector is joining the dots between in-store and online intelligence – going beyond off-the-shelf applications to provide real-time insight and a singular, end-to-end view of the customer.  

For customers, a primary advantage of Irish partners is their flexible approach to developing and delivering these solutions in highly customised ways; integrating with pre-existing environments and systems. Relationships with Irish companies in retail technology are also characterised by their longevity – customers benefit from a long-term commitment to evolving and scaling with their business needs.

Ultimately, the key value proposition for customers is a unified view of their entire retail business, allowing them to plan and take real-time decisions to maximise profitability and competitive advantage.

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