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Ones to Watch in A/NZ 2023

We also share some of Enterprise Ireland’s startup companies to watch in 2022. At the end of another challenging year for business, it’s great to see the energy and optimism that these companies are bringing this year.



Founded in 2017, ocean data collection and survey company XOCEAN has grown rapidly from their headquarters in Co. Louth into the UK, Europe, North America and Asia, most recently entering the Australian market in 2022. XOCEAN manufactures and operates a fleet of carbon-neutral Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) to collect data from the ocean, ranging from mapping the seabed to inspecting subsea structures and monitoring the environment for offshore windfarm development. Having already completed over 70,000 survey hours to date and worked with leading offshore windfarm developers such as Ørsted, SSE Renewables, Equinor, Vattenfall, RWE and bp, they bring considerable international experience to the emerging Australian offshore wind industry, which has accelerated in the past year following the federal government’s Offshore Electricity Infrastructure Act (2021) and declaration of offshore wind energy zones, as well as generation targets and planning at state level in Victoria. Currently manufacturing one new survey vessel per month, XOCEAN will have USVs in Australia in early 2023 ready to survey Australia’s oceans and seas and collect high quality data for offshore wind farm developers to inform site selection and planning for an increasing number of projects.


GridBeyond is one of the world’s leading technology players for managing distributed and flexible energy resources. Launched in 2010, they have become a global player in the energy transition, delivering distributed and flexible energy resources management, energy trading, price and energy optimisation to over 400 commercial and industrial sites worldwide. Now well established in Ireland and the UK, Gridbeyond expanded to the US and Japan in recent years and entered the Australian market in 2022, where they are scaling rapidly. The movement away from fossil fuels such as coal towards renewable energy generation in Australia builds a strong case for demand flexibility to support the intermittent and variable output from renewables such as solar and wind energy. GridBeyond will provide AI-powered demand response, virtual power plant (VPP) services and generation and storage asset optimisation across Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM), allowing customers to participate both in grid services for balancing the grid and in wholesale markets through their energy generation, storage and industrial load.

Visible Thread

Visible Thread is the market leader in Language analysis platforms. Their core offerings enable companies of all sectors and sizes to improve efficiency, clarity and compliance to RFP’s, SOW’s and commercial contracts; and also to optimize all critical business writing for either internal or external communications. The VT Docs solution supports contract, bid and sales operations teams; while VT Writer measures content clarity for online and offline communications.



Founded in 2019 by Prof. Oran Rigby and Dr Amy Hollingworth, Akkure creates ‘Medical Digital Twins’ allowing individuals to unlock the value of their own medical data, and further scientific understanding of the diseases and conditions that matter to them. Akkure utilises blockchain-enabled technology so that individuals maintain complete control over if, and when, they share that data, and with whom.

Each year, around 85% of the 280,000 clinical trials carried out fail to enrol enough patients, and 80% of clinical trials fail to finish on time. The Akkure platform uses both precision medicine and virtual trials to greatly increase both the recruitment and retention of patients for clinical trials. By integrating science, technology, data, and human expertise, this untapped resource of medical grade data can be utilised to work towards our ultimate goal – curing disease one gene at a time.

Read more about Project Find Akkure here.


Herdwatch, the market-leading farm management software company, used on more than 18,000 farms in the UK & Ireland, has launched its award-winning Flockwatch service in Australia & New Zealand! Flockwatch helps sheep farmers manage their mobs in a simple, easy to use app, reducing paperwork and allowing them to make better decisions. Sheep farmers can do everything they need to manage their mobs, capture medicine records, record lambing, track ewe performance, weight records & much much more. They can also have multiple users, different devices connected & connect an EID Reader. All of your data will be stored safely on the cloud and it also works if you have no internet connectivity when out and about. There is a 90 day free trial available for Australia & New Zealand sheep farmers, all you have to do is download the app from the App or Play Store and create a free trial account today!

Concept Dairy

The Innovative technology-led solutions to create price transparency across the dairy supply chain. The Concept Dairy Farmer App gives farmers live, accurate prices milk prices that update daily. Farmers can lock-in their milk price when they choose for up to two years into the future giving price security and economic sustainability. The Risk Management Platform supports Processors to understand and manage their risk; and they support buyers/retailers to lock-in their margin and guarantee security of supply while improving product traceability from farm to fork.  With price transparency across the supply chain they support farmers, processors and buyers to achieve fair prices, creating a more sustainable dairy sector.


Inis is a family-owned boutique perfumery and for forty years, they have been creating perfumes and person care inspired by the nature, beauty and magic of Ireland.  Inis is the Irish word for Island and inspired by the beauty and energy of the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland.

The company have made a commitment to the ocean, dolphins and whales. For over 20 years, it has been the companies honour to the core founder of the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group – dedicated to the protection, conversation and better understanding of dolphins and whales in Irish waters and around the world.

As a small, entrepreneurial company Inis is devoted to the independent market and support of local business. Inis will be coming out to the market in February to speak with Agents and Sales Representatives as they plan to launch here in 2023.


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