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November 25, 2021


Enterprise Ireland will lead a delegation of 6 companies to Slush in Helsinki. Slush is Northern Europe's largest start up conference, bringing together the most influential players in the European…
November 3, 2020

Collen Construction: The Irish firm helping Sweden in its Data Centre industry transformation

The Nordics are quickly becoming a global data hub. Known for innovation across all sectors, from FinTech solutions to life science technologies, it’s no surprise that data centres have been…
High Tech Construction Data Centres: Changes to Design and Build
June 27, 2019

Data centres: how design and build is changing

Contemporary data centres require enhanced design and build standards compared to traditional centres. The first data centres were developed in the 1960s and elements of their basic design are still…
High Tech Construction Data centre investment in Ireland to reach €10bn by 2022
May 21, 2019

Data centre investment in Ireland to reach €10bn by 2022

Inward investment from data centre construction in Ireland has tripled over the past four years, bringing the average annual spend to €1.3 billion. Inward investment from the construction of data…
High Tech Construction Hyperscale: the future of the data centre
March 5, 2019

Hyperscale: the future of the data centre

Outsourcing and a move towards the cloud is driving the growth of the hyperscale data centre. Two major trends are shaping the global data centre landscape. The first is outsourcing,…
Insights from Ireland Irish Advantage in ASEAN: Building on a thriving relationship
May 15, 2018

Irish Advantage in ASEAN: Building on a thriving relationship

Irish suppliers have much to offer customers in Singapore and the ASEAN region, according to Smruti Inamdar, Director ASEAN at Enterprise Ireland Singapore. Affinities shared by Singapore and Ireland are…
High Tech Construction
April 12, 2018

What investors are looking for from Data Centre Returns

Introduction The strategies behind data centre investment reflect overall best practice in investment, which is to balance risk against return in the context of specific requirements of time and outlay.…
High Tech Construction Ireland leads in the development of data centres in Sweden
March 15, 2018

Ireland leads in the development of data centres in Sweden

It is estimated that, by 2021, 95% of data centre traffic will take place in the cloud, compared with today’s 88%, which will lead to an increase in demand for…
High Tech Construction Planning for change in data centre project management
March 14, 2018

Planning for change in data centre project management

The project manager is seen as critical to the most effective process of data centre delivery. Of all the job functions in the construction phase, it is seen as the…
High Tech Construction
February 22, 2018

2018: the year of the data centre

John Hunt, Senior Market Adviser for the Construction Sector at Enterprise Ireland, describes the top trends that will shape the data centre sector in 2018. In an ever-evolving digital world,…
High Tech Construction Multi-partner integration: Best practices in data centre construction projects
January 31, 2018

Best Practice in Data Centre Construction Projects

Best practice in the management of data centre construction can be summarised as enabling the process and the relationships that best deliver the outcome specified by design. Research conducted among…
High Tech Construction Centre de donnée : 5 facteurs juridiques à prendre en compte avant sa construction
January 19, 2018

Five Legal Issues to Consider Before Starting a Data Centre Construction Project

Data centres are mission-critical buildings and all stages of their lives are marked by careful assessment and prevention (or reduction) of risk. Therefore, any decision at the stages of siting,…

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