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May 31, 2023

GridBeyond opens Australian headquarters in Sydney

Irish Energy-As-A-Service company GridBeyond is expanding its footprint in Australia and meeting the ever-increasing need for grid balancing services across the National Electricity Market (NEM) with the opening of a…
February 27, 2023

New technical financial modelling tool from Irish company Exceedence accelerating the development of offshore renewable energy projects

As Australia’s economy aims to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 as part of the country’s Long-Term Emissions Reduction Plan, its energy sector will need to continue to decarbonise. With the…
October 31, 2022

Turmec to install world’s largest state-of-the-art construction waste processing facility in Queensland

Co. Meath-headquartered Turmec, international provider of innovative waste processing and recycling solutions, recently secured a $44 million contract with Rino Recycling to design, build and install the world’s largest state-of-the-art…
February 3, 2021

Irish Cleantech is Leading to a More Sustainable Future in the Gulf

The provision of clean technologies or cleantech as its more commonly referred to, are becoming increasingly in demand across the MENA region as countries across the Gulf focus on the…
Cleantech Irish companies ready to support growth of UK offshore wind industry
December 5, 2018

Irish companies ready to support growth of UK offshore wind industry

Darragh Cotter, Cleantech Market Advisor at Enterprise Ireland, describes exciting prospects for a world-leading Irish supply chain in the offshore wind market. An ambitious industry plan recently presented by the UK Offshore…
Fintech Enterprise Ireland trade mission to China. Photograph of delegates
October 31, 2018

爱尔兰贸易代表团访问中国及香港特别行政区 展示爱尔兰的优势 中国,2018年10月31日 – 爱尔兰是欧洲发展最急速的经济体,且拥有欧洲最具创新性的公司,并因其在金融科技、消费品、医疗保健、国际服务及数码技术等广泛领域提供世界一流的创新产品和服务而享誉国际。Enterprise Ireland作为爱尔兰政府的贸易和创新机构,今天将开展为期六天的贸易代表团访问,参与香港金融科技周和上海首届中国国际进口博览会,并将 #IrishAdvantage 品牌推广至中国大陆和香港特别行政区。该贸易代表团由爱尔兰商业、企业暨创新部部长Heather Humphreys TD率领,旨在加强爱尔兰与大中华地区之间的贸易和投资往来。   Enterprise Ireland是全球第三大风险投资机构,其支持的45家领先的爱尔兰企业将参与此次贸易代表团,向中国大陆和香港展示爱尔兰的创新实力,提升爱尔兰的形象,以及向国际买家推广爱尔兰企业的创新能力和富有竞争力的优势。获Enterprise Ireland支持的公司将得到Enterprise Ireland北京、上海及香港办事处给予的支持,加速其在大中华地区 - 经济增长属全球最快的地区之一, 的业务发展。   在英国脱欧的背景下, Enterprise Ireland的主要策略性目标旨在为爱尔兰企业开拓全球贸易巿场,以扩大爱尔兰企业在多元化出口市场的影响力。2017年,Enterprise Ireland客户于大中华地区的出口额增长9.7%,达到创纪录的10.3亿欧元。鉴于这种强劲的增长势头和市场潜力,Enterprise Ireland已经制定宏大的目标,期望大中华地区出口额到2020年将增长40%,达到14.4亿欧元。   9家爱尔兰企业将以 #IrishAdvantage 品牌亮相中国国际进口博览会,#IrishAdvantage品牌是Enterprise Ireland为提升爱尔兰企业国际知名度的全球推广活动。这些即将参加首届中国国际进口博览会的企业包括Hostelworld、Glen Dimplex、Emerald Green…
Ireland Accentuating the opportunity for stronger trade collaboration pre-Brexit: Irish Government led Scottish trade mission
October 22, 2018

Accentuating the opportunity for stronger trade collaboration pre-Brexit: Irish Government led Scottish trade mission

Trade relationships between Scotland and Ireland are on the rise, with exports in each direction increasing by over 100% since 2012, according to research by Enterprise Ireland, the trade and…
Agritech Irish companies offer solutions for Chinese market
October 10, 2018

Irish companies offer solutions for Chinese market

Irish companies already export almost €1 billion to China. A growing economy has positioned China as an attractive market for foreign companies from across the world. Rapid growth also presents…
March 12, 2018

How Irish companies help to keep the wastewater sector green

Liam Curran of Enterprise Ireland describes how innovative Irish companies are developing new solutions to meet emerging trends in water and wastewater management. The need to reduce energy usage is…

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