Agritech innovator KEENAN establishes new dealer partnership in Ontario Agritech News

Agritech innovator KEENAN establishes new dealer partnership in Ontario

Irish agritech company KEENAN has partnered with Ontario Harvestore Systems, building on the North American presence it has developed since being acquired by global animal nutrition company Alltech in 2016.

KEENAN, which was established in Ireland in 1978, is a leader in the manufacturing of quality mixer wagons and ethical farming solutions.

Stuart McGregor, general manager of KEENAN Canada, said, “We decided to pursue a partnership between KEENAN and Ontario Harvestore Systems due to our shared values of helping producers achieve maximum efficiency.”

The partnership will help to ensure that producers working with KEENAN get the highest level of access to support, service, and the dedicated expertise of KEENAN.

InTouch technology

KEENAN mixer wagons produce a unique homogeneous mix, which optimizes rumen health and ensures consistent performance. The mixer wagons are also fitted with InTouch, which offers real-time monitoring for the optimization of herd health.

InTouch allows farmers to formulate rations that are chemically and physically balanced for their animals. It also features a live review and support service operated by animal nutritionists to ensure animals get their optimum feed each day.

Robert Walker, CEO of KEENAN, said, “The simplicity of InTouch has been key to its success. The weigh box on the side of the mixer wagon is very intuitive and simple to use. It tells the farmer step by step what feed mix to put in the machine and then records the actual totals. If something goes wrong or there is a deterioration in animal performance, the farmer is alerted, and our nutritionist changes the diet.”

InTouch also has positive consequential benefits for farmers under pressure to reduce the carbon footprint of their herd.

Ontario Harvestore

Ontario Harvestore, who has been operating in Ontario for more than 53 years, provides an efficient ‘first-in, first-out’ feed storage and delivery system, which improves feed quality and feeding.

Chris Kelly, communications and marketing director for Ontario Harvestore, said, “What made us decide to partner with KEENAN was the reliability, durability and ease of maintenance of the machines.”

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