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Medtech Sowing the seeds for better connected healthcare
May 7, 2019

Sowing the seeds for better connected healthcare

It seems like a simple premise - the patient should be at the centre of their care regime. In practice, it can be anything but. The patient revolves around, and…
Medtech Irish company Critical Healthcare has signed a deal worth €10m over five years with the leading international private provider of emergency services in Europe - Falck
March 27, 2019

Critical Healthcare signs €10m deal with global emergency services company Falck

Irish company Critical Healthcare has signed a deal worth €10 million over five years with the leading international private provider of emergency services in Europe. The announcement was made by…
Medtech AI to the fore in shifting medtech landscape
March 12, 2019

AI to the fore in shifting medtech landscape

In good times and bad, whether we are stressed or serene, there is a solid reason we are routinely told to listen to our bodies. Our bodies have a lot…
January 24, 2019

Medical Technology for Precision Health

Precision healthcare involves the use of data to provide customised care tailored to an individual patient based on real-time clinical, molecular/diagnostic and exogenous factors. The emergence of such models demands…
January 24, 2019

Medical Device Innovation Nurtured by an Integrated Ecosystem of Industry, Academia and Clinical Community

Medical technology companies devote about 7-8% of their annual sales turnover to research and development and it can take up to three years to bring a new product to market.…
January 24, 2019

Impact of Supply Chain and Logistics in Medical Technology Innovation

Frost & Sullivan research has shown that healthcare providers across the globe could face a decline in operating margins of up to 30%, due to costs associated with regulatory reforms…
January 24, 2019

Engineering Solutions: Sustainable Models for Driving Value in an Outcomes-Based Healthcare Ecosystem

Over 13,000 medical technology patents were filed through the European Patent Office (EPO) in 2017, an increase of 6.2% over 2016, underscoring that Europe is fast becoming a major hub…
January 8, 2019

US healthcare opens up to innovation

North America’s healthcare giants are opening up to new innovations. The best way to align hospital clinicians and innovation experts is to establish the value of the innovation and then…
Medtech What’s keeping healthcare professionals awake at night?
December 31, 2018

What’s keeping healthcare professionals awake at night?

Challenges in healthcare create opportunities for innovators. How to drive change in an industry that is traditionally averse to change? How to fix a broken care and delivery model that…
Life Sciences
December 11, 2018

Healthy appetite for Irish innovation at Northwell Health

Partnering with Enterprise Ireland is giving US giant Northwell Health an innovation advantage. Northwell Health is the largest provider of healthcare in New York State, twice the size of its…
Medtech Meet 5 of Ireland’s innovative B2C medtech start-ups
November 22, 2018

Meet 5 of Ireland’s innovative B2C medtech start-ups

As a global top five medical technology hub, Ireland boasts some of the most innovative medtech start-ups in the world. While much of the sector focuses on sales to other…
November 1, 2018


达成合作协议,彰显爱尔兰作为金融科技中心的全球美誉 Enterprise Ireland是全球第二大金融科技公司投资者及欧洲第三大风险投资者(按交易量计)   中国,2018年11月1日 – 香港金融科技周为全球领先的三家爱尔兰金融科技公司提供平台,为香港特别行政区和中国大陆的公司建立战略伙伴关系爱尔兰。这些合作协议均彰显出爱尔兰在全球发展金融科技创新的优势。作为金融,科技及投资者活动的全球枢纽,已经迅速发展成为金融科技创新的温床。 三家爱尔兰公司Global Shares,了解您的客户及CurrencyFair与一些香港企业达成合作协议,建立合作伙伴关系,这将加速其在亚太地区,特别是在中国大陆和香港的业务增长。这三家公司亦同时获全球 第二大金融科技公司投资者(按交易量计)Enterprise Ireland提供支持。 合作协议包括: 全球股份与寰盈国际达成1,500万美元的交易,并宣布开设新的北京办事处 了解您的客户与整洁有限的签订协议。 此外,货币交易会今日正式与总部位于香港的康宏支付有限公司签署战略合作协议。 Global Shares曾荣获德勤「年度最佳金融科技公司」奖,为全球企业提供领先的股权薪酬管理方案。该公司今日宣布将与寰盈国际建立战略伙伴关系,为新经济公司提供员工持股计划管理,股票交易,全球合规,财务报告及资产管理服务。寰盈国际是香港和中国大陆最大的在线经纪公司之一。未来5年,该协议将实现价值逾1500万美元的营收继今年。 早前开设香港办事处后,全球股票今日亦宣布在北京开设新的办事处,进一步扩大在亚洲的业务。 智能技术客户验证方案供应商了解您的客户与总部位于香港的金融科技公司Neat Limited达成一项协议.New将透过应用程式介面与了解您客户的用户引导方案整合,从而令其每天能够处理数百个用户申请.KYC方案允许客户以更快,更实惠的方式进行所有必要的打击洗钱(AML)和了解你的客户(KYC)检查,同时提供极其流畅的客户体验。 CurrencyFair为全球消费者和企业提供国际汇款服务。作为领先的服务供应商,CurrencyFair早前宣布透过与总部位于香港的康宏支付有限公司签署战略合作协议,进军亚洲市场。该合作协议是一项2000万欧元(约1.82亿港元)投资计划的一部分,旨在推动其全球快速扩张,并将在未来18个月创造90个新职位。新增的职位将会遍及全球,主要集中在产品研发,客户服务,合规,以及巿场营销和环球合作伙伴关系发展等方面。 Enterprise Ireland是爱尔兰政府的贸易和创新机构和全球第三大风险投资者(按交易量计),当中获得其支持的14家爱尔兰金融科技公司均参与了本周举行的香港金融科技周,一 展爱尔兰金融科技的实力。这些爱尔兰公司将在#IrishAdvantage品牌下展示其代表着监管科技,支付,银行业,保险科技,云端通讯及生物识别技术等众多金融科技的领域的优势。 爱尔兰商业,企业暨创新部部长Heather Humphreys就这些协议表示:「Enterprise Ireland客户公司正在以前所未有的速度在全球市场成功争取新合作协议。Global Shares,了解您的客户及CurrencyFair今天在香港金融科技周达成的这些协议反映了爱尔兰金融科技公司能够为全球合作伙伴创造的巨大价值。对于爱尔兰金融科技的优势能够获得世界各地公司的认可,我们感到十分振奋。」…

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