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Herdwatch, the market-leading farm management software company, used in more than 18,000 farms in the UK & Ireland, is launching its award-winning Flockwatch service in New Zealand and Australia at this year’s Fieldays. Flockwatch helps sheep farmers manage their flock in a simple, easy to use app, reducing paperwork and allowing them to make better decisions.

The ‘Flockwatch by Herdwatch’ app was launched in the UK and Ireland earlier this year and has already proved hugely popular with over 3,000 flocks already on the platform. Flockwatch also boasts high-profile users with YouTube sheep farming superstars Sandi Brock in Canada and The Sheep Game (Cammy Wilson) in Scotland, who have one million followers between them, using it to manage their flocks.

Cammy says “The Flockwatch app is essentially an all-in-one app that I can input movements, individual sheep references & notes, I can register lambs against any particular sheep, all our medicines, everything you can think of doing recording next to your sheep, you can do it on Flockwatch.”

Herdwatch was co-founded out of a farmer-owned co-operative in Ireland 9 years ago and has made its name by delivering a simple, easy to use and reliable app which saves farmers an average of 3 hours a week on paperwork, according to a recent member survey by the company which received over 1,600 responses.

The new Flockwatch service will enable sheep farmers to:

  • Manage their flock individually or in groups
  • Capture medicine records for farm assurance
  • Record lambing and track ewe performance
  • Weight recording to track average daily gains
  • Connect an EID Reader to scan ear tags and view an animal’s history or add records easily
  • Map their farm to keep paddock records for nitrogen use

CEO & Co-founder Fabien Peyaud noted: “We are absolutely delighted to launch Flockwatch in New Zealand to help sheep farmers here make better and faster on-farm decisions. Flockwatch is as much about monitoring flock performance as it is about compliance and helps sheep farmers manage their flock, individually or in mobs, in a simple and easy to use app.

“Our company mission is simple, we are laser-focused on the digitalisation of farming for the benefit of farmers worldwide make their businesses more sustainable and profitable. Up to this point anyone who wanted to manage their flock has had very little to choose from, with most relying on pen and paper.”

“With Flockwatch, sheep farmers now have an app at their fingertips which will allow rapid capture of lambing, breeding, weighing, medicines records and more. If you think you’re not tech savvy, we are also happy for New Zealand farmers to take a look for themselves to see how easy our app is to use and we’re giving all Kiwi sheep farmers this year a 90-day free trial with no commitments so they can see how easy it can be for themselves.” Mr. Peyaud concluded.

Niall Casey, Market Advisor, Agribusiness, Life Sciences and Equine at Enterprise Ireland Australia and New Zealand added “We are delighted to welcome Flockwatch to the New Zealand market. We have seen what a runaway success it has been in Ireland and the UK and the incredible benefits it brings to sheep farmers tracking ewe and lamb performance. For farmers still recording their flock details manually, this app is crucial in helping them save time and make better decisions.

The Herdwatch + Flockwatch app can be downloaded at

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