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The rapid development of the mobile and technology industries in recent years has enabled better connectivity, accelerating the rise of smarter ecosystems across the globe, and evolving our daily operations, services and quality of life. Ireland has become a source of technological innovation, and growing from a small, open economy, has encouraged its tech companies to be global in outlook from day one. Irish companies with leading technology solutions continue to impress global companies with their innovative products and services, particularly in the sub-sectors of Connectivity, Network Solutions, Telecommunications, Smart City, Connected Vehicle and Enterprise Software.

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Enterprise Ireland connects the world’s leading companies with Irish businesses that solve their technological and innovation needs. Our local industry specialists can connect you with our top Irish companies who will help you stay ahead of the curve, grow revenue, cut costs and keep your competitive advantage. A range of supports to facilitate connections are available through Enterprise Ireland to companies interested in developing links and securing strategic relationships with our Irish companies.

Irish companies exhibiting at MWC Americas 2018