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Meet Superfy: The Leading Sustainability, Waste and Recycling Platform

We’re thrilled to be introducing its new series featuring the innovative Irish companies that have brought their business to Canadian shores. In this month’s edition, we’re highlighting Superfy. Peter Uppal, Vice President Sales and Business Development North America, tells us more about the company’s innovations and what makes Canada an attractive place for expansion.


Q: Tell us about your organization and how you’re bringing it to Canada.

Superfy is an industry leader in providing cities with a full suite of smart waste hardware and software solutions to manage their entire waste network from bin to truck to depot. Our solutions are easy to deploy, cost-effective, and scalable, helping cities meet CO2 emission reduction targets. We are very excited to be working with key partners such as Telus to launch our solution across Canada.


Q: Why was Canada an ideal place for expansion for your business?

Canada is a driver globally when it comes to adapting IoT and smart city applications such as ours. The Canadian government does a great job at supporting cities to drive climate change and potentially fund climate technologies.


Q: Since launching in the Canadian market – what have you found most surprising about doing business here versus other markets?

In our experience, the Canadian market is far more progressive when looking at climate technologies vs. other markets.


Q: What are your growth plans for Canada in the next 2-5 years?

We plan to partner with key organizations across Canada to deliver smart city applications with the initial focus on Smart Waste tech. We’re working with key channel partners to scale our products to both the public and private sector.


Q: What advice would you impart on other businesses looking to come to Canada too?

We’ve found that Canada is a great marketplace for IoT technology as there is a strong focus nationally to utilize technology to drive efficiencies.


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Nov 17, 2022

Meet Superfy: The Leading Sustainability, Waste and Recycling Platform

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