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Meet FlexManager: The award-winning workplace compliance platform helping Canadian companies streamline health and safety operations

As part of our series spotlighting successful Irish businesses in Canada, we are thrilled to introduce FlexManager. Their success in the Canadian market is reflected in the award for their compliance management software as one of Canadian Occupational Safety’s 5-Star OHS Software and Technology Providers 2022. In this Q&A, George Curley, CEO at FlexManager shares his insights on the company’s journey to Canada and their plans for future growth.

Q: Tell us about your organization and how you’re bringing it to Canada.

CGA Software Ltd came into existence because of a Canadian customer. We were still in product development mode but got the opportunity to partner with a Canadian business early on. Over the years, we have naturally picked up more Canadian clients along the way, started trading under CGA Technology, and rebranded our main product as FlexManager. Canada has been good to us, and we felt like it was the right time to reinvest and expand our offerings and services to better support our current and future clients in the local market.

Q: Why was Canada an ideal place for expansion for your business?

Canadian businesses’ ethics and morals, health and safety achievements, and their approach to social responsibilities align with the clients we want to do business with. FlexManager’s primary goal is to streamline company operations. In our sphere, that goal allows clients to do more from the field rather than being behind a desk, hidden away from what is happening day in and day out. To us, health and safety professionals, equipment management and compliance teams, or HR teams are not employed to do administrative work. While we all have a level of paperwork in our jobs, the more those professionals can apply their knowledge to the core business, the more the overall business benefits and excels.

Q: Since launching in the Canadian market – what have you found most surprising about doing business here versus other markets?

The ease of doing business in Canada. We’ve found clients and potential clients to be very open and welcoming. Their drive for excellence is inspiring and encouraging. It’s a pleasure to work with clients whose vision and goals align with our own.

Q: What are your growth plans for Canada in the next 2-5 years? Is there anything in particular that you are excited about?

Canada isn’t exactly small. If things go according to plan, in the next 2-5 years, we expect to open another office on the West Coast, so we have local resources to support the continued growth of our clients. Personally, I’m looking forward to exploring more of Canada as most of our clients have been focused in Ontario.

Q: What advice would you impart on other businesses looking to come to Canada too?

Do it. Nothing in our experience has been negative, and with such a big market available, there is enough potential business in Canada to make the investment well worth it.

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May 16, 2023

Meet FlexManager: The award-winning workplace compliance platform helping Canadian companies streamline health and safety operations

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