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Medical Technology for Precision Health

Precision healthcare involves the use of data to provide customised care tailored to an individual patient based on real-time clinical, molecular/diagnostic and exogenous factors.

The emergence of such models demands that hospitals are no longer seen as places where healthcare is just delivered, and need to evolve into hubs that bring together clinical engagement and patient experience to provide customised care delivery with high outcomes.

Similarly, these outcomes won’t be limited to performance metrics such as quality of care, utilisation of resources and cost efficiency, but will extend to include non-tangible elements like patient comfort and satisfaction. It is therefore essential for hospital IT departments, clinicians and all stakeholders to embrace this change towards customised healthcare delivery that is no longer based on a one-size-fits-all solution.

Key Performance Indicators for Hospital CIOs to Support Precision Health

For several decades, hospital CIOs across Europe were focused on investing in healthcare IT infrastructure that mainly centred on electronic health records (EHR). Today, however, hospitals need to look beyond EHR and should have a robust data management strategy in place for precision health. For this shift, it’s important to not only invest in medical technology and devices that collect healthcare data, but also develop a roadmap that integrates all solutions so that clinicians can derive actionable insights from data.

There is also a need to invest in the latest technology that supports the vision for personalised care delivery such as data analytics, clinical decision-making and the overall development of a digital ecosystem that supports interoperability. Furthermore, it will be critical for hospitals to train physicians and clinical staff so that they can make use of the established infrastructure efficiently.

Hospitals should also increase awareness among patients to utilise technology for their self-management goals such that an integrated care delivery system comprising pre-, during and post-care follow up is achieved with active participation from patients. Hospitals will require integrated data including patient history, genomics and other social determinants of health, and data from post-discharge follow-up or home health, and use it in conjunction with the data that is generated in the hospital during care. This is especially important as hospitals increasingly engage in population health management and chronic disease management programmes.

Medical Technology: an Enabler for the Future of Hospitals in the Precision Health Era

According to Frost & Sullivan proprietary research, 90% of hospitals in Europe are digitally enabled yet less than 20% of them are fully digital, with capabilities to share data outside their own hospital network.

For personalised and precision healthcare delivery, two critical elements are healthcare data continuity across care settings within and outside the hospital, and high levels of patient engagement.

To enable digitisation of personalised care, medical technology vendors have to design data-enabled solutions and devices that will help hospitals achieve synergy between core-precision health technology including -omics Rx/Dx, remote patient monitoring and exogenous and lifestyle monitoring. In addition, they have to develop enabling technology for healthcare data management, interoperability and security.

There will be an emergence of business models that encourage collaboration between hospitals and medical technology vendors through risk-sharing agreements to drive patient engagement, especially in the light of increasing healthcare consumerism.


To summarise, hospitals, medical technology vendors and healthcare organisations that are able to digitise and democratise healthcare information to derive value from both institutional and individualised data will stand to generate high outcomes in a value-based care environment.

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