Medgadget covers Irish Medtech Medtech Medtech insight

Medgadget covers Irish Medtech

Medgadget, the medical technology news website, visited Ireland as one of the most exciting locations for medical technology companies to do business. Read the highlights of their reports.

Medgadget visits Med in Ireland to check out Europe’s Medtech hub

Ireland is the fastest growing economy in Europe and one of the hottest places for medical technology companies to do business. As anyone in the Medtech industry knows, Ireland is one of the world’s main hubs for designing and building advanced medical devices. On the invitation of Enterprise Ireland, the government agency responsible for the growth of Irish business abroad, Medgadget visited Med in Ireland, an event held at the Royal Dublin Society.
Read the full story on Medgadget.

Kastus glass and ceramics coating kills pathogens with light

While checking out the dozens of Medtech companies showing off their stuff at Med in Ireland, Medgadget were intrigued to discover Kastus, the inventors of a pretty amazing surface coating technology. Kastus’ Log4+ superhydrophilic coating can be applied to glass and ceramics, remaining completely transparent and not inhibiting the functionality of touchscreen technologies. This is a pretty big deal, as smartphones, tablets, and touchscreen monitors are a major vector in helping pathogens jump from person to person in clinical environments and in the general population. Moreover, the coating is touch and scratch resistant, seemingly perfect for modern electronics and portable devices.

Read the full story on Medgadget.

Body monitoring sensors from Shimmer help researchers get science done

The Med in Ireland conference that we recently had a chance to visit, featured Shimmer, a successful body-sensing firm out of Dublin. The company also has offices in Cambridge, MA and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They build a variety of modular sensing devices for clinical studies, product development, and anything else that would require to record electrocardiograms (ECG), electromyograms (EMG), respiration, and the like, particularly in large numbers of people.

Read the full story on Medgadget.

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