Irish CX companies: leveraging innovation to tackle digital disruption Tech News

Irish CX companies: leveraging innovation to tackle digital disruption

Today’s automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are causing significant disruption in customer experience (CX) operations around the world. This digital disruption, including chatbots and natural language processing empowered by AI, is having an enormous impact on customer service delivery.

In Ireland — the call center capital, where over 56,000 people across more than 250 companies work in the CX industry — advancements in technology are seen as an opportunity rather than a threat.

“Never before has disruptive technology been so impactful on business delivery,” noted Julie Sinnamon, CEO, Enterprise Ireland. “The CX sector is a significant employer in Ireland, and we have a unique opportunity to harness our agile workforce, and our research capability to continue to develop innovative technologies and deliver the next generation of high-quality customer solutions that have the potential to transform how markets and businesses work.”

For good reason, Ireland is globally recognised as a region where complex customer interaction meets technology, resulting in the enhancement of services, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Last month, several Enterprise Ireland-supported companies attended Customer Contact Week (CCW) 2019 Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. Formerly known as Call Center Week, CCW is the world’s largest event for CX, contact center and customer care professionals. The companies that attended, Arema, Arise, Interaction, and Zevas are all members of Ireland’s leading CX industry group, The Crios Group. Crios’s mission is to promote and develop the BPO and CX sector in Ireland.

“These companies excel in providing powerful solutions within the customer contact sector,” added Sinnamon. “With a motivated and highly trained workforce along with a high technological environment, Ireland is a prime location for customer solution hubs. Attending events like CCW helps keep our companies at the forefront of their industry.”

A recent document released by IDA Ireland, Enterprise Ireland, and the Customer Contact Management Association (CCMA) titled CX Transformation: a Strategy, Vision and Roadmap 2019 discusses how Ireland has a unique opportunity to strengthen its position as the location of choice for companies looking to expand existing operations or establish new centers. Ireland has continued to be a leading location for CX-related activities due to its highly skilled and motivated multilingual talent base and favorable economic environment.

Capitalising on the global shifts in business models and emerging disruptive technologies, Ireland’s CX workforce can upskill into higher value roles, offering the opportunity to position Ireland as a globally recognised location where complex customer interaction meets technology, resulting in real enhancement of services, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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