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Irish companies are making waves in Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada and Ireland have much more in common than what we probably realize. Both are warm and welcoming places, fueled by the strong spirit of entrepreneurship. We also share a deep “can-do attitude” and a collaborative approach to business. These similarities make us natural business partners.

The region is just one example where we’ve seen the relationship between Canada and Ireland thrive. Both countries place a strong emphasis on key sectors such as the ocean economy, financial services, digital technologies, agritech and life sciences. Through this special relationship, in the past few years over 500 Enterprise Ireland clients have done business, creating economic value in the Canadian market and employing over 7,500 people. The growing collaboration between Ireland and Canada as a whole has seen beneficial impact for different regions in Canada, including the Atlantic provinces.

Irish innovation at the forefront of the ocean economy

In the case of Atlantic Canada, the untapped potential of its oceans have created great opportunities for collaboration with Irish companies that are focused on delivering innovation and advancing the ocean economy in the country in a digital, sustainable and inclusive way.

Canada is well positioned to be a leader in the blue economy, making it an ideal partner for Ireland’s expertise in the topic. The furthering of Canada’s ocean economy has the potential to create jobs, while ensuring healthy oceans and sustainable ocean industries.

Enterprise Ireland’s clients XOCEAN, a leading innovator in using Uncrewed Surface Vessels to gather ocean data, and Simply Blue Group – renowned floating offshore wind developers and Combiliftan innovator in how companies handle and store goods, are examples of companies contributing to the growth and advancement of the Atlantic Canada provinces.

These companies have been able to merge their innovation and expertise with Atlantic Canada’s talent pool and advanced ocean-tech landscape,  the perfect scenario for a growing innovative ocean economy.

The importance of building strong sustainable partnerships

Atlantic Canada and Ireland’s powerful business relationship has proven to be a successful example on the value and importance of fostering collaboration. We have seen great advancement in Atlantic Canada’s ocean, marine and cleantech sectors, as well as industrial technologies and professional services

As we look to the future, there is a growing need to foster more strong and sustainable partnerships with Canada as the country remains an extremely important market for Irish businesses looking to expand globally.

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