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IRELAND@SLUSH: Nordic Ambition podcast

Today, we begin our IRELAND@SLUSH series. Enterprise Ireland Nordics will be leading a delegation of 7 Irish companies to the Nordics largest start up event, Slush. Slush is held in Helsinki on 1st/2nd December 2021.
During this series, we will be speaking to the founders of our delegation of companies.



First up, we spoke to Paul Campbell, founder and CEO of Tito. Tito describe themselves as a faster, more flexible platform for selling tickets online, serving thousands of technology, developer, and b2b conferences worldwide. We speak to Paul about Tito’s journey so far and what their ambitions in the Nordics are.



PlantQuest uses engineering data or custom-built data to construct a bespoke digital map to help workers navigate their way around industrial sites, such as data centres or pharmaceutical plants, quickly and easily. Gerard Carton, the Founder and CEO of PlantQuest describes the company as ‘the google maps for big factories’. We dive into PlantQuest’s journey to where it is now and what ambitions it has for the Nordic region.



Zeus is an electric scooter company employing over 70 people across Europe. In June 2021, they broke in to the Nordic market when they launched in the City of Halmstad in Sweden. Halmstad became the 26th city Zeus was operating in. Zeus also have plans to operate in 7 cities across the Norway. Damian Young, the CEO of Zeus scooters, has previously emphasised how Zeus’ commitment to carbon neutrality and environmentally efficient operations is a shared value with the Nordic nations.



Educatly is an educational platform that provides learning opportunities and educational networking. We speak to Mohmmed El Sonbaty, co-founder of Educatly. The startup has already had over 100,000 users from 190 countries worldwide, and now plans to build on this early traction after raising a $1 million pre-seed round, which Enterprise Ireland have contributed to. Mohmmed was named in the Business Post’s 30 under 30 list for Irish tech in 2021.



We speak to Johnny Campbell, CEO of SocialTalent. SocialTalent is the training platform for hiring teams. Giving Hiring teams the knowledge and skills they need to find, hire, and develop great talent. Johnny founded the company in 2010 and it has gone from strength to strength since, with many reference customers in the Nordics. Johnny previously attended Slush with the Enterprise Ireland in 2019, the last time the event took place in person. As you will hear in the podcast, Johnny is a great advocate for how Slush is run and how it brings so many influential people together.



We speak to Emily Castles, who is the co-founder and CTO of Boundless. Boundless are powering the new remote work revolution, which has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Boundless empowers organisations to confidently employ anyone globally in the way that’s best for their people and their business. Taking on all local employment responsibilities, including running payroll, filing taxes and providing statutory benefits to employees. The platform is currently live in 18 countries and by the end of 2021 hopes to have 7 more added.


Please make sure to follow the podcast on Spotify and follow us on LinkedIn at Enterprise Ireland Nordics.

For information on other suppliers active in the Nordic region please reach out to the Enterprise Ireland Nordics team 

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