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How XOCEAN is making a splash in Canadian ocean data collection

Our oceans present an untapped opportunity to better understand and utilize our most precious resources. However, without the right data, understanding and accurate mapping of this environment, we are unable to unlock its full potential and better inform the industries that rely on the bounty of the ocean. With its hazardous conditions and unpredictable weather, only five per cent of the world’s oceans have been mapped to date. Clearly, there is a gap that needs to be filled in order to sustainability and effectively grow our ocean economy.

Enter XOCEAN – an Irish-founded ocean tech company making waves in ocean data collection. Backed by a fleet of Uncrewed Surface Vessels (USVs) and through the utilization of satellite and cloud technology, XOCEAN is providing its customers with an innovative, efficient, and safe means of acquiring data from bodies of water, ultimately supporting the sustainable and economic growth of countless industries.

Expansion to Canada


Since its inception in 2017, XOCEAN has made significant leaps in growth, tripling in size consecutively in the last two years alone and expanding to countries like Canada. With the world’s longest coastline, a high number of freshwater lakes, and well established industries, such as navigational charting and fisheries, Canada and XOCEAN are a natural fit and there are clear opportunities for mutual benefit.

In 2020, XOCEAN launched its first ever multi-USV mission in Lake Superior, showing the ability to efficiently scale USVs as a data acquisition solution. A year later, XOCEAN completed a mission in the Canadian Arctic combining the complexity of sub-zero temperatures, showcasing their technology’s ability to collect data from an incredibly remote location.

Nova Scotia, a coastal province on the Atlantic Ocean, has become the ideal home for a Canadian headquarters. The province is focused on developing high-tech business opportunities for the Blue Economy and supporting companies like XOCEAN to do so. In fact, Premier Tim Houston recently visited XOCEAN’s Irish headquarters, showing just how important the Blue Economy is to the region. In addition, the province has a deep talent pool and advanced ocean-tech landscape – perfect for fostering ongoing growth and innovation.

Charting the waters ahead


The need for uncrewed technology in Canada provides a sea of opportunity for XOCEAN. From contributing carbon neutral operations to support the development of offshore renewable energy to providing a low impact means of exploring the remote waterways of the Arctic, the potential to grow and contribute to Canadian industries is as vast as the oceans they explore.


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