Ireland: For long-term support


Mark Christal, Enterprise Ireland’s Divisional Manager for Food, discusses how food and beverage companies have access to one of the world’s premier business environments.

Ireland has been a major global investment destination for over 50 years, with food and beverage companies witnessing world-beating levels of ROI. Over 1,000 companies, including some of the biggest in the world, have placed Ireland at the heart of their European activities.

Why business moves to Ireland

“Every company investing in Ireland discovers a pro-business environment,” says Mark Christal, Enterprise Ireland’s Divisional Manager for Food. “And that’s especially the case for food and beverage brands. What they find is high-value manufacturing, global business services and world-leading R&D. Everything they need to grow and develop their business further.”

Long-term investments

Enterprise Ireland Food Divisional Manager Mark Christal

For many of the multinationals operating in Ireland, the investment spans decades. “Abbott Nutrition is a great example of the level of commitment Ireland offers,” adds Mark. “The company first opened a production facility in Ireland in 1975 and since then has innovated and grown. Crust & Crumb is another example, using Ireland’s networks to launch a state-of -the-art factory, which will play an essential role in its future post-Brexit strategy.”

“Every company investing in Ireland discovers a probusiness environment.”

Lasting partnerships

So, what exactly can companies expect to experience when partnering with Enterprise Ireland? For Mark, the answer is simple: long-term support.

“Enterprise Ireland is there at every step,” he says. “From helping clients plan and evaluate projects, through to finding the right location and talent.

“When a company becomes an Enterprise Ireland client, they are assigned a dedicated advisor who works closely with them as they establish their presence in Ireland, but also beyond, as they scale and grow their operation. They are provided with the same access to supports and advice as any of our Irish-originating clients. We can also ensure that they have access to suitable academic expertise.”

He added: “Our unique selling point is our long-term partnership approach. We continuously work with companies to grow their presence in Ireland and this is what separates us from other agencies.”

Right now, Enterprise Ireland is supporting a number of clients with ongoing Covid-19 recovery plans. And that’s made easier thanks to Ireland’s significant food and beverage innovation network. Support includes grants and funding for companies in sectors such as manufacturing to develop their accelerated recovery plans and to invest in the equipment, technology and training that this requires. Support is also available for accessing digitalisation expertise in areas such as data analytics, digital marketing and cybersecurity.

To learn more, download the Enterprise Ireland food and beverage prospectus, Ireland: Where Food Evolves‘.