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Children’s Media Conference: Source your Irish Advantage

Enterprise Ireland are delighted to continue its support of the Children’s Media Conference. Ireland’s passion for creative storytelling combined with cutting-edge artistry and innovation produces award-winning content for the world’s biggest entertainment brands. Our Digital Entertainment team can provide you with further information on our portfolio of innovative Irish companies, and help you source your Irish Advantage.

Why partner with Irish digital entertainment companies?

Ireland’s rich heritage in animation has developed a global reputation for combining storytelling, visual artistry and digital innovation to produce exceptional content. With a strong focus on R&D, innovation, upskilling and new talent development – much of which is supported by Enterprise Ireland – Irish visual entertainment is set to continue enchanting international audiences for decades to come.

Enterprise Ireland works closely with Animation Ireland as a partner organisation. Animation Ireland is the trade association for leading Irish animation studios working together to promote Ireland’s world class sector internationally.

Global Reputation
Always at the forefront of entertainment development, Ireland has a reputation for combining world-class storytelling, artistry and technology. Animation company Jam Media won a BAFTA for its animated series “Roy” and creative content studio Piranha Bar won an Emmy for hybrid animation “Last Hijack.”
As technology has leapt forward, Irish animators and VFX specialists have become adept at creating unique IP for TV, film, games, mobile and VR/AR applications. A highly coordinated industry collaborates at home and abroad to produce content that is highly marketable to international audiences, while losing none of its distinctive magic.
Ireland is recognised for its world-class talent pool and over 1,700 people are currently employed in Irish animation alone. A strong focus on R&D, innovation, upskilling and new talent development has ensured that the Irish digital entertainment industry is set up to succeed.

How Enterprise Ireland can help

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. We work in partnership with Irish digital entertainment companies to help them start, grow, and innovate in global markets.

Enterprise Ireland matches international brands with Irish digital entertainment companies who can help develop innovative and creative content.

We proudly work with 80+ Irish companies who have expertise across a range of including AR/VR, animation & live action production, VFX, games development, content aggregation & distribution, interactive applications, audio & music technology.

Connect with Us

Through a network of 40 international offices, our local specialists will help to source and connect you with your ideal Irish partner. To learn more about the Irish Digital Entertainment sector, connect with our International Leads for more information:

Connect with Eileen Bell, Digital Entertainment Lead - Ireland
Connect with Hannah Dobson, Digital Entertainment Advisor - USA
Connect with David Corcoran, Digital Entertainment Advisor - UK
Connect with Bartosz Siepracki, Digital Entertainment Advisor – Central & Eastern Europe
Connect with Lizzie Curran, Digital Entertainment Advisor - Canada

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