Business description

Tipperary Crystal™ is an Irish crystal design and manufacturing company founded in 1987 by former Waterford Crystal craftsmen. The company sells all over the world where the name and brand is trademarked.Tipperary Crystal™ has long been renowned for its high quality crystal and is an established leader in crystal design and production. Our designers and master craftsmen are amongst the most highly respected in the industry and are recognised as leaders in their field. Their innovation and modern thinking combine traditional techniques acquired over generations with modern cutting edge design.

Products and services

We specialise in corporate and sporting events and supply golf and tennis events all over the world. Horse Racing and the many other sporting events still demand a beautiful trophy and we have these cut and blown in many cases here in Ireland. We have specialists in design, cutting, sandblasting, copper wheel cutting and finally in sculpted crystal items. We have many leading brands and retailers seeking innovation from our design team lead by Martin Croke who is of world renown and with 40 years’ experience in this industry.

Value proposition

Tipperary Crystal is globally recognised for design innovation. The company engaged famous Irish brand ambassadors like Sybil Connolly and Louise Kennedy which gave credibility to The Irishness of Tipperary. We have developed into a company that can make special one off pieces and these are hand made in sculpted crystal or Mouth blown pieces. Our identity rests with the Irish designs and flexibility to produce what the customer needs. Tipperary Crystal has some of the best chandeliers in Europe in both design and pricing too. We like to work with Interior Designers to offer a full service from design to fitting the chandeliers. We encourage dealing directly with the consumers to ensure maximum understanding of their requirements. We like to sell through retail stores but find that our website can often supply much more detail and insight into our brand selection.

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Key partners

• Lenox Corporation USA

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