Last updated on August 15, 2019

Business description

Systmelink Technologies designs, manufactures & distributes a range of energy saving solutions for heating systems. Primarily smart home heating controls and simple zoning solutions.
KRIB is a new gold standard for hot water generation. It is the first control system that actually connects into the heating system’s pipes. Giving you even more savings, not just saving with money, but also saves water consumption. KRIB allows you to order hot stored water by volume rather than by time, delivering a shower on average in 6 mins. It works with gas/oil boilers or heat pumps.

Products and services

We focus on the design and manufacturing of our patented smart home heating controls, simplified zoning solutions.

KRIB- Is the first time you can order hot water by volume. It heats the hot water cylinder from the top down. This is a much more efficient way of heating hot water. It can be retrofitted onto a current heating system or it can installed with a new cylinder.
KRIB controls 1 hot water zone, 5 space heating zones, and 28 wireless zones.

Systemlink Technologies’ unique patented zoning manifold designs ensure that each boiler and heating zone operates independently of all others, saving the end user money on bills.

Value proposition

We are constantly developing patented products that simplify how you heat your home/business, and how you control your home/business heating systems, while saving on water and money. KRIB our newest product easily integrates with other new or old heating systems, making them faster and simpler to control. Giving you a shower in 6 minutes rather than an hour, saving your time, water and your money. KRIB connects into the heating system water pipes, instead of only connecting into the wiring centres like our rivals do. We do not have any repeat fees for the end user like our rivals have. You can find our range where you usually find your heating products such as plumbing merchants, and on our KRIB range is available online and in our offices.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 900:2015- quality management WRAS HEATAS (heat genie only)

Key partners

• MSemicon
• EcoVolt

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