Business description

SocialTalent is a SaaS company that offers a complete learning solution to recruitment and sales teams all over the world. The SocialTalent platform focuses on the key aspects of changing and sustaining productive behaviour. Combining analytics, expert content, nudges and reward software, the platform enables managers to measure, change and reward teams' learning and work behaviours, whilst having the ability to measure the Return on Learning (ROL), making teams happier and companies more successful.

Products and services

The SocialTalent platform combines analytics, expert content, learning, nudges and reward software, to measure, change and reward teams' learning and work behaviours, enabling companies to measure their Return on Learning (ROL).

Expert content is customisable for personalised learning paths and for all levels of expertise and delivered through bite-sized, videos as people work.

On-demand tools & gamified technology (nudges, plugins, extensions, prompts) encourage and prompt employees to try new ways of working;

Built-in recognition software enables managers to encourage and reward learning and behavioural changes via kudos, badges and accreditations.

Through unique data analysis and tracking tools, managers can track and improve teams' performances on a continuous basis thus measuring the Return on Learning (ROL).

Value proposition

Our vision is to change how people work whilst enabling companies to measure the real value and Return on Learning. Our global SaaS learning solution is aimed at all corporate organisations and large enterprises with recruitment and sales departments; Inside Sales Tech companies; and recruitment agencies. The value is built around making learning a culture that learners love and see as an ongoing lifelong pursuit; thus moving away from just doing courses online. It drives the measurable and tangible results companies are seeking to quantify the value of employee learning by giving them the ability to measure the Return on Learning (ROL) - making it the stickiest gamified learning solution on the market.

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