Business description

Multihog Ltd is a company based in Louth, Ireland manufacturing multipurpose tractors for both the home and export markets. Our manufacturing operations and R&D department are located at our Global HQ in Dundalk, Ireland.

Products and services

The Multihog is a multipurpose tractor which serves different sectors including airports, highways, construction, grounds care and municipalities.

An almost endless number of attachments can be mounted on to the machine both front and rear to suit the required task, including snow plough, grass mower, patch planer, hedge cutter, de-icer, high pressure washer, sweeper and the popular combi snow brush and plough unit. Its powerful hydraulic drive system coupled with its compact size makes the Multihog a very unique vehicle. With such a wide range of attachments, one Multihog can do the work of several different machines-especially efficient for airports and municipalities in terms of time, cost and labour.

Value proposition

We design and manufacture multipurpose tractors for global export to our customers in the airport, highway maintenance, construction and grounds care sectors. The multifunctional design of our machines means that our customers can reduce capital expenditure (one Multihog can often replace 4 different machines), service and labour costs. It can perform as a snow plough/de-icing machine in the winter, a road sweeper in the spring and a grass/hedge cutter in the summer, amongst many other applications.

For our dealers our range of vehicle sizes and capacities means they have several options to offer to their customers. The multi-functionality of the machines make them an obvious choice for value-conscious customers. Our current customers have provided us with many testimonials reiterating their satisfaction with our service and availability to them at all times, as well as the quality design and build of our products. Our in-house design team means that we are constantly responding to market trends as well as being able to realise our customers’ specific product requirements.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 9001:2008

Key partners

• Multihog UK
• Claus & Mathes GmbH
• Minufa GmbH
• RKF Bleses GmbH
• Henne-Unimog GmbH
• Van Dyck Marcel
• Swedmog AB
• Team Eagle Ltd.
• Pappas Gruppe
• Alpine Smith Inc.
• Monroe Tractor
• Trius Inc.
• DC Bates
• Jet Vac Equipment Company

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