Business description

Monex Financial Services is the go-to company for specialist Treasury solutions and Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) services for: Acquirers, Processors, POS and eCommerce Merchants, Airlines, Gaming sector, ATM Networks, etc. The company has an established team with 20 years of industry experience in the FinTech sector. The latest product solution FLEX, offers a Risk Free flexible currency settlement solution for Acquirers and Merchants.

Monex DCC solutions enable clients to generate new ancillary profits from existing transactions and enhance the customer cardholder experience.

Monex process annual transactions from 48 countries valued in excess of USD $42 billion.

Products and services

Monex delivers a distinctive “a la carte” FX treasury solutions for DCC and multi-currency pricing transactions insulating clients from FX risk exposure adaptable to client requirements.

We provide electronically updated exchange rates for 160 currencies including exchange rates, settlement and reconciliation.

DCC is a specialist service, which allows non-domestic credit card transactions to be processed in the cardholder's home currency.

The cardholder is offered a convenient option to pay in the currency of their credit card or the currency of the country in which they are making a purchase or ATM cash withdrawal. On acceptance of DCC by the cardholder, the transaction remains in the selected currency option throughout the processing and settlement stages. Both merchant and cardholder know the precise authorised transaction amount.

Value proposition

DCC generates an additional revenue stream for clients creating long-term, repeatable reliable returns with solutions tailored to clients’ needs.

Standards and certificates

  • 1st Irish & European certified conversion provider of (AIS) Visa Europe program 1st Pan-European merchant DCC provider 1st European certified PCIDSS DCC provider

Key partners

• Switch Commerce

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