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Business description

IFS is an award-winning company who has pioneered digital transformation in building information management. IFS developed a structured methodology for managing building information for the entire building & asset lifecycle - from planning and design stage, through handover and close-out, to operations and maintenance.

IFS is 20 years in business and has built up significant experience assisting blue-chip customers across mission critical sectors. IFS products and services guarantee a high standard, customisable solution in keeping with the current regulatory compliance and industry best practice.

Products and services

IFS provide building information management software & services where we coordinate and deliver information associated with a project to the design & construction teams and to the building owner and FM team.

IFS cloud-based applications for Digital Construction Collaboration and Handover Coordination & Close-out allow everyone to store, share and update all building and project information in a secure repository, which is accessible online from any location and in multiple devices.

Central to IFS on-going service delivery and support is the set-up, coordination and management of project handover submittals and ensuring a full design review of all content as the project progresses, resulting in access comprehensive and approved set of property information at project completion. At project handover IFS set-up automation of client’s key management functions for efficient property, maintenance and asset management planning.

Value proposition

IFS philosophy is to enable the Client, Construction Company and the FM Team to take a leaner approach to building information management.

From our experience, software applications and processes supporting building information and asset lifecycle management, while being critical sources of information, are mostly unconnected or ineffectively aligned. Building owner and FM team still receive the vast amounts of asset information through different mediums (paper, USBs, online file sharing services etc.)

IFS help clients to effectively manage project collaboration, bridge information gaps between Construction and Operational stages of asset lifecycle, and achieve soft landing. We target 90% of all project handover information to be approved and handed over to the client at practical completion, and 100% approval 30 days after the client takes occupancy.

Clients gain significant productivity gains and realise a return on investment during the project lifecycle, and on a perennial basis across their asset’s portfolio thereafter.

Positive changes achieved through IFS show what digital transformation can deliver for the Construction and Facilities Management sector to reach its sustainability targets and reduce environmental impacts. Simply going towards paperless office helps to reduce waste, air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

The recent reports on building regulations and fire safety express a serious concern over ineffective execution of the current rules around the creation, maintenance and handover of building and fire safety information. Having a quick access to up-to-date building information is crucial to ensure health and safety of all people involved in construction of a building and its occupants subsequently.

Standards and certificates

  • 2005 - Regional and National Enterprise Awards Winners 2008 - ICT Product of the Year - Private Sector Award Winners 2010 - ISO 9001:2008 - Accreditation 2016 - Facilities Management Awards 2016 - Best Use of Technology Winners Business Awards 2016 - Best Construction Handover Specialist - UK & Ireland 2017 - Public Sector Awards - Services to Business Management Winners 2018 - Facilities Management Awards 2018 - Highly Commended for Innovation in Products and Services - Public Sector - Excellence in Services to Business Management Winners 2019 - Approved supplier under the Financial Services Supplier Qualification System (FSQS)

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