Business description

Burnside Autocyl is a privately owned family run business founded in 1974. The company is a leading manufacturer of Hydraulic Cylinders for a wide range of mobile applications. Over 85% of all produce is exported worldwide.

Products and services

Burnside Autocyl designs & produces mobile Hydraulic Cylinders ranging in size from 32mm to 200mm Bore and up to 8m long. The size range of the product is continuously being expanded to cater for growing market needs for larger cylinders. Typical applications will be in the area of Refuse Compacting & Disposal; Materials Handling and Construction. All products are highly customised to individual customer requirements. The products are highly engineered, with approximately 3000 live models currently in production.

Apart from design and production, Burnside also has invested heavily in R & D for product and process development and offers this as a USP to customers who today have a strong requirement for such expertise from their supply base. Additionally, the company has developed an expertise in the logistical requirements of its OEM customers which is a highly valued aspect of the company’s offering.

Value proposition

The uniqueness of Burnsides offering lies in our ability to provide an “End to End” service to the OEM market.

Our ability to design, test and manufacture Hydraulic Cylinders ranging from 32mm bore to 200mm bore and from 200mm long to 8000mm long in a wide range of customised versions, whilst also managing the complex logistical, quality and service needs of today’s market is our USP.

The mainstay of our business is export driven. Additionally our Brand Name is now strongly recognised as a market leader with a reputation for Quality, Reliability and Competitiveness. This has come about through 40 years of experience in our chosen business which is founded on a culture of fostering long term relationships with our customers.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO:9001:2015 ISO:3834-2 – Welding Standard

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