Business description

BMD is an industry leader in the process engineering sector. It offers engineering solutions, to a wide range of companies in the Pharma, Bio-Pharma, Chemical, Brewing, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Energy, and Utilities Industries.

It holds a number of international accreditations and its technical ability, co-operative attitude and impeccable track record have positioned BMD, as the ‘Supplier of Choice’ to its extensive customer base.

Products and services

BMD offers clients, a wide range of services and capabilities including:

• Mechanical, Process, Oil/Gas Project Delivery;
• High purity systems and specialist services, including passivation;
• Specialist modular construction, delivery and installation;
• Heavy equipment installations;
• General Contractor role - including architectural, mechanical, E&I, HVAC, commissioning and validation;
• Specialist fabrication and general engineering services;
• Utility maintenance with 24/7 emergency response;
• Complete QA/QC/Commissioning & Validation Services;
• Product Development & Prototype manufacture.

Value proposition

Our key aim is to deliver all projects incident free, to the highest quality standard, driven by a relentless focus on innovation and continuous improvement.

We achieve this aim by:

• a constant focus on preventing accidents and, at all times, protecting the safety and health of all our people and all those affected by our construction activities. Zero tolerance is the policy by which we operate and by which we measure our performance;

• a commitment to deliver all projects, on time, to the clients’ requirements and to the highest quality standard, through a constant focus on innovation and continuous improvement. We operate an integrated bespoke Quality Management System that has at its core, flexibility and customisation to ensure complete product traceability and which can flexibly meet client requirements. We operate ‘best in class’ project monitoring and reporting systems, that are both robust and adaptable, to each customer’s specific requirements.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 18001

Key partners

• Kirby Group

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