Business description

Akari Software provides web based curriculum management solutions that ensure Higher Education Institutions focus on the design, delivery, publication and quality processes of their educational programmes in the most cost effective manner possible.

Akari curriculum software has been developed in conjunction with Higher Education Institutions across Ireland, UK and Australia and is completely compliant with both National Frameworks of Qualifications and the Bologna process.

The Akari curriculum solution suite manages the development, editing, approval and publication of all aspects of programme/course and module development.

Products and services

AKARI DOCUMENT: A flexible and comprehensive solution for the creation, workflow approval, maintenance and publication of academic programmes including modules.

AKARI PUBLISH: Customisable templates for the creation, development and publication of all relevant programme and module information for use in institutional and or third party websites.

AKARI RESOURCE: A planning tool to explore alternative delivery options in terms of both human and physical resources. When used in conjunction with Akari Document, programme and module delivery costs per student can be calculated.

AKARI REVIEW: A user definable role-based workflow facility to manage workflows around approving changes to existing modules and programmes including the addition of new programmes. It ensures adherence to institutional processes and compliance procedures.

Value proposition

Akari Curriculum Management Software builds and customises curriculum design, delivery and management software for Higher Education Institutions.

The Akari value propositions rests on three pillars:

• A Web-based curriculum management solution, that places the curriculum at the centre of the academic institution.

• Improves administrative productivity in a time of reduced staffing options.

• Increases efficiency by integrating valuable course data and business intelligence with student information systems, virtual learning environments, exam management & timetabling systems and content management solutions.

Key partners

• Blackboard Learn Australia, New Zealand and Asia
• University College Cork Cloud Incubator

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