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Last updated on August 16, 2019

Business description

Abodoo is the world’s first free-to-access smart matching careers platform for people and companies interested in permanent remote, flexible, hybrid or co-working roles. They enable companies to grow by hiring and retaining top talent based on skills rather than location, whilst supporting global challenges such as the environment, cost of living, health, lifestyle and diversity - all through SmartWorking.

Products and services

SmartWorking - as defined by Abodoo - is the combined use of technology with the flexibility and agility for employees to work remotely, co-work or use hybrid models.

Aodoo’s smart technology platform intuitively matches highly skilled talent with top companies in a simple, hassle-free way, eliminating hours of searching and screening.

Screening is anonymous and only match the right candidate with the right company based on skills and requirements; thus eliminating any unconscious bias and supporting diversity and inclusion.

Value proposition

The Vision
To be the No. 1 SmartWorking (remote, co-working, hybrid, flexible) career site globally for companies and the largest online community for smart workers.
Our most valuable customers are enterprise businesses who recruit smart workers on a regular basis for growth and attrition.
Our value is in our ability to provide pre-matched candidates who have actively self selected for smart working. Our matching algorithms are weighted across skills, language, location and salary amongst other data. All candidates complete a broadband speed test so that employers can instantly see if a candidate has the required speed to support their systems. All profiles are anonymous until the point of mutual match which offers a high level of confidentiality to both the candidate and the employer, this eliminating unconscious bias and supporting diversity and inclusion.
We are the only free to access career platform which offers only permanent professional careers to talented individuals who are seeking a new way of working. Our competitors do not exclusively offer permanent careers, nor are they providing speed tests, matched percentages or in depth profiles.
Payment for clients is made only when there is a mutual match. Enterprise clients benefit from individual pricing models – eg cost per hire/cost per interview in process and are allocated a client engagement resource to help with their selection process.

Key partners

• Vodafone

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