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Last updated on August 15, 2019

Business description

4site provides innovative engineering solutions for major infrastructural developments in telecommunications. Their highly skilled in-house technical teams design, survey, build and maintain world-class utilities networks, adapting technology, tools and processes to deliver reliable and future-proofed turnkey services for clients. adapting technology, tools and processes to deliver reliable and future-proofed turnkey services for clients.

Products and services

4site deliver better engineered solutions:

1. Network Infrastructure Services
At 4site we plan, design and build wireless and fibre (fiber) network infrastructure for companies that own and/or operate networks
2. Asset Management Services
Our considerable experience in designing and developing communications sites for mobile and other operators makes us a good choice for managing site assets and ensuring maximum return on investment
3. Engineering and Consultancy Management
4site has a great track record as consulting engineers on a range of projects as well as providing project management services to ensure success in delivery.

Value proposition

For over a decade, 4site have provided the highest quality fibre (fiber) and wireless turnkey-services to clients who deploy, maintain and operate telecommunications infrastructure across Ireland and the United Kingdom.

We see the possibility in networks, land and infrastructure, with the know-how to conceptualise, design, and build solutions with the future in mind. We partner with some of the world leaders in telecommunications, ensuring our clients successfully meet the challenges presented by the always-evolving technology landscape.

At 4site, our unique design-led approach allows us to deliver cost-effective solutions that stand the test of time.

We have built some of the best networks in the world for some of the world’s leading brands and we continue working to improve our service and create new and better experiences for our clients’ consumers.

We’re working on
• 4G/LTE/5G network rollout
• Optimised FTTX/FTTH/FTTC Planning and Design
• Small cell/metrocell densificationprogrammes
• Fibre (fiber) & radio technical solutions
• Legal mapping
• BIM for Data Centres
• Site development and asset management programmes

Our service is supported with specially developed and specific tools, developed in house to maximise efficiency and quality, and deliver smarter solutions that save our customers time and money.

Standards and certificates

  • ISO 9001 ISO OHSAS 18001 ISO 14001 CPD accreditation from Engineers Ireland FTTH Council of Europe member

Key partners

• Spectrum Telecom
• Commscope
• Huawei
• KN Networks
• esri

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