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Combilift: Building customised solutions for the Polish market

Combilift’s innovative approach to developing customised solutions’ for companies has recently secured it significant new business in Poland, building on an already strong presence there.

Irish engineering firm Combilift is a world leader in the materials handling market, specialising in solutions for challenging situations such as long or awkward loads, or where space is limited.

The multi-award-winning company takes a bespoke approach to each customer, beginning by looking at the challenges they face and working closely with them to develop products that completely meet their specific needs.

Helping Pekabex increase productivity

Pekabex S.A. is the leading manufacturer of prefabricated structures in Poland producing traditional reinforced as well as modern pre-stressed elements. With four plants each producing different pre-cast concrete elements, the company was keen to increase productivity, improve workflow and reduce product damage. It turned to Combilift for a solution.

“Combilift’s concept is built around the efficient use of space. Our multi-directional and articulated technology can double the capacity of any warehouse – but with our bespoke service, you can tailor your Combilift for the performance and precision that you need,” explains Martin McVicar, co-founder and managing director of Combilift.

“After analysing Pekabex’s requirements we customised our Combi-SC and Combi-LC carriers to help the company meet its objectives.”

The Combi-SC is a straddle carrier that offers excellent manoeuvrability. Pekabex is now using a 50to Combi-SC in its Bielsko-Biala plant handling very heavy, long pre-cast concrete elements.

“The Combi-SC can be operated by remote control which maximises operator safety and still enables millimetre-precise and easy manoeuvrability. It is a low maintenance, flexible and cost-effective solution and, with a wide range of attachments, it is completely customizable to suit specific handling requirements.”

The Bielsko-Biala plant is also using a 60to Combi-LC handling 60m-long concrete elements.

“This Load Carrier is also operated by remote control and is equipped with a 360° turntable with a 0-axle function meaning the product will always be horizontal even if the floor is uneven.”

A special Combi-SC has also been customised for Pekabex’s plant in Gdansk where it is handling filigree slabs and wall elements. Further projects with the company are underway and will come to fruition later in the year.

The recent success in Poland has significantly contributed to Combilift’s target of doubling turnover every five years and looks set to accelerate the company’s growth.

Combilift innovation

Combilift employs more than 600 people at its purpose-built facility in Monaghan and its products can be found in over 85 countries. The company invests some 7% of revenue in research and development, putting innovation squarely at the heart of its business.

In the past 18 months alone Combilift has vbrought three new products to market but it has also applied its engineering expertise and ‘thinking outside the box’ approach to the Covid-19 crisis.

In response to the shortage of ventilators worldwide Combilift set up a project team and within five weeks had developed the Combi-Ventilate, a splitter device that turns one ventilator into multiple ventilator stations.

Developed in collaboration with Ireland’s public health service, the HSE, the device uses standard pipes and fittings for easy assembly. Its individual patient filters prevent cross-contamination and each patient has a dedicated digital screen which allows medical professionals to individually monitor their vital information.

“This is very much designed as an attachment which can be added to any brand of ventilator. It costs a fraction of a standard ventilator and can be installed very easily into an intensive care unit environment. This is a not-for-profit activity which we hope will open up more opportunities for Combilift in the medical device area in future,” says Martin McVicar, co-founder and managing director of Combilift.

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