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Ireland. Minimising agriculture’s impact, while maximising its output.

Ireland is using its experience as a trusted, productive agricultural economy and combining it with cutting edge science-based innovation. That combination is helping global agriculture maximise yield while minimising environmental impact, inputs and costs.

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How does Irish agritech help you produce more with less input?

By focusing on greater efficiency across every aspect of modern agriculture Irish agritech is delivering on solutions for some of the industry’s greatest challenges, securing the future of farming.



An innovative science-based, technological approach to automation is delivering the next generation of farming solutions to meet changing demands, ensuring efficiency at every stage of your production process.


Track record

Ireland has long been recognised as one of the world’s most efficient, profitable and trusted agricultural economies. We’ve taken that experience, learned from it, applied it and are exporting our innovations across 140 countries - with over €1 billion in sales.



Irish agriculture is synonymous with quality - our grass, milk and beef output are world renowned and our agritech solutions have a global reputation for reliability and performance.

Pioneering solutions that minimise impact and maximise output.

High yields, efficient production and minimising the impact on the environment are the hallmarks of Ireland’s advanced agricultural system. Irish agritech’s next generation solutions for producers are now making these goals achievable for food producers across the world.

How Enterprise Ireland can help you

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish Government’s trade and innovation agency. With 40 offices worldwide, our goal is to build successful business relationships between international companies and Irish partners:

  • Our agritech industry experts work to understand your needs, then match you with a shortlist of Irish partners.

  • We make introductions to the right people in Irish agritech companies, ensuring you can optimise your buying experience.

  • As one of the world’s biggest seed capital investors, we help develop a continuous pipeline of Irish agritech innovation.

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Agritech: The Future of Profitable Farming

Learn about game-changing industry technologies and why sustainability and collaboration are key drivers of innovation.

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