Enterprise Ireland Pavilion at Global Offshore Wind 2020 

Visit Enterprise Ireland and members of our offshore wind cluster at our virtual pavilion during Global Offshore Wind 2020 

Ireland’s highly skilled and specialised offshore wind supply chain is ready to accelerate the growth of offshore wind globally, solving the industry’s most crucial innovation challenges in the process.  

Connect with Enterprise Ireland to learn how Irish companies can help you to deliver and optimise your offshore wind project. 

Source your Irish offshore wind advantage

Ireland’s forwardthinking and innovationfocused companies work with industry partners to accelerate the growth of offshore wind globally. From IoT and data analytics, to marine and electrical engineering, Irish companies offer flexible and solutions-oriented services, whilst always focusing on the industry’s future trends and technology needs 

Offshore wind cluster of 50+ supply chain companies 

World class marine ecosystem 

Leaders in innovation and technology 

High end marine, civil and electrical engineering expertise

Realise your global potential 

Enterprise Ireland is the government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in global markets, supporting a cluster of over 50 companies in the offshore wind space. Our local sectoral specialists will help you to develop links to the best in the Irish offshore wind industrysecure strategic relationships with the ideal Irish partner, and much moree. Contact Darragh Cotter, Senior Market Adviser in Enterprise Ireland’s London office at Darragh.Cotter@enterprise-ireland.com