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ABBEY MACHINERY: A Vision for a Green Future

March 9, 2021 No Comments

Abbey Machinery are one of Ireland’s oldest agricultural engineering companies, but that doesn’t stop them from being focused on the future—and they believe the future is green. They are hard at work, developing machines that support efficiency and sustainability on the farm. What does agricultural sustainability look like? Abbey Machinery promote systems that meet animal welfare, food traceability, and environmental standards. While their equipment is improving the environment by significantly reducing emissions, it is also helping to reduce on-farm costs with a reduction in the requirement for artificial fertiliser. Farming is essential to human life. By supporting the world’s farmers to produce food in a sustainable and economical manner, Abbey Machinery are supporting the future of food systems.


How Abbey Machinery is Creating a Greener Future

In 1992, Abbey Machinery became the first agricultural manufacturer in Ireland to introduce Low Emission Slurry Spreading (LESS). The application of slurry to our farmland is an incredibly valuable and necessary practice in farming but it also produces methane and ammonia emissions, which are environmental pollutants. In fact, slurry spreading accounts for over 30% of Europe’s ammonia emissions. To reduce emissions, Abbey Machinery has developed more efficient ways to spread slurry. Their sustainable applicators reduce the surface area of the slurry by placing it in narrow bands on the grass, resulting in a 60% reduction in ammonia losses! Since pioneering these technologies, Abbey Machinery have distributed hundreds of LESS applicators and smart slurry tankers to the global market, improving farming practices worldwide.


Bringing a Green Future into the Present

Their environmental impacts are impressive, but Abbey Machinery just continues to innovate. Their newest spreaders are wider, not only reducing emissions, but also cutting spread time by 30%. This allows farmers to complete the same amount of work with less fuel and less soil compaction. Another new product utilises Near-Infra-Red (NIR) technology to measure the slurry’s nutrient makeup, enabling farmers to better care for the environment and significantly diminishing the use of artificial fertilisers.


Abbey Machinery are headquartered in Ireland, but their products serve customers in places as far away as Australia, Iceland, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. An important part of their work is research & development, which empowers their engineers to create even more sustainable agricultural technology. As they look to the future, Abbey Machinery’s goal is to continue building reliable, life-long machines that improve the lives and experiences of their customers while protecting the planet.


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