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(L-R) Dr. Frank Dolphin (Chairperson) & Conor O’Byrne MBA (CEO).
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RelateCare: why Ireland is at the cutting edge of healthcare technology

RelateCare is a healthcare communications consultancy and outsourcing organisation providing patient access and engagement solutions to leading healthcare organisations around the world. In October, RelateCare will exhibit at Med in Ireland, a major international business event that gives visitors an opportunity to experience the future of the industry in a global medtech hub.  

RelateCare’s solutions improve patient access, communications and engagement for healthcare organisations by simplifying and streamlining the ways in which patients communicate with their provider before entering and after leaving hospital. From appointment scheduling, to revenue cycle and post-discharge follow-up programs, its solutions ensure patients get the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

The company has over 380 employees across the US and Ireland, with an approximately 50/50 employment split between both countries. Its Irish headquarters also operates a best-in-class contact centre in Waterford, Ireland and it opened a second world-class Patient Coordination Centre in Cleveland, Ohio in 2016, to complement its Irish facilities.

How RelateCare solves clients’ challenges

Many of the organisations that partner with RelateCare operate in fiercely competitive regional marketplaces and aim to differentiate themselves from local competition by providing exceptional patient access and communication solutions. The improvements RelateCare implements often result in immediate gains in appointments scheduled and patient satisfaction. Some changes are operational, for example, allowing phone calls to be answered in a timely manner. Other solutions are more strategic and long term, such as rolling out digital health and omnichannel patient communication strategies to drive efficiencies across an entire health system.

RelateCare’s success and track record in managing small, niche projects has often led it to be retained to provide further support and solutions. This includes working on a consultative basis, such as completing a diagnostic assessment of an operation and then being engaged later to provide strategic outsourcing and remote support service management.

One notable project that followed this approach was with a large healthcare system in California. RelateCare initially supported the hospital’s appointment scheduling services, resulting in an 18% increase in scheduled appointments, thanks to process improvements and strategic investments in technology and people. The strength of this partnership has evolved to see RelateCare become a service provider of choice for other areas and requirements.

Meet RelateCare at Med in Ireland

RelateCare has attended Med in Ireland, an event organised by Enterprise Ireland – the trade and innovation agency – several times, and sees it as a must-attend event for those interested in the innovative healthcare technology solutions emerging from Ireland.

Conor O’Byrne, CEO, advises “We use Med in Ireland as the focal point for a number of client relationship events. We invite many of our US-based and international clients to Ireland for Med in Ireland to showcase what the country has to offer in medtech services and to bring them to our offices to introduce them to Irish culture.

The Med in Ireland team has always supported us in this initiative. It is great to show our clients how Ireland is at the cutting edge when it comes to healthcare technology. It demonstrates that we are part of a greater ecosystem of healthcare technology and services that can support their mission. We also view it as an opportunity to introduce other Irish organisations to our international buyers to explore synergies that exist.”

RelateCare believes the main value of Med in Ireland lies in the networking opportunities it creates. The calibre of speakers, opinion leaders and exhibitors is always extremely high, including representatives from the biggest and most innovative healthcare systems in the world. This provides an invaluable opportunity to learn from peers who are setting trends for the future of healthcare delivery, helping attendees ensure they have a finger on the pulse of what is coming down the line.

RelateCare also values the opportunity Med in Ireland presents to participate in one-to-one meetings, enabling the company to meet key decision makers, and to understand the precise nature of their challenges and the problems they face. The company uses the opportunity to discuss tailored solutions to the challenges of these potential partners.

While many industry events are so big that it becomes difficult to find relevant contacts, Med in Ireland’s invite-only system guarantees quality exposure to leaders and decision makers in global healthcare.

Conor O’Byrne advises those considering attending Med in Ireland to: “Take time to focus on and think about your patient access and patient communication operations. Often these can be left low down the priority list. This is understandable when there are so many competing issues for attention. We urge healthcare leaders to realise that the healthcare contact centre and patient communication operations of your health system are essential to delivering an excellent patient experience.

If you are about to embark on a journey of evolving how you communicate with your patients, please talk to us.”

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