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From Emerald Isle to Arctic Excellence: Jones Engineering’s Remarkable Journey in the Construction of Data Centres in the Nordics

“Doing business in Sweden is an enjoyable experience for us in Jones Engineering, owing, to no small degree, to a revelation, not only for me, but for quite a few of our team based in Sweden, in discovering the obvious natural affinity between the Irish and the Swedes – different but the same, is how I might describe it!

So much so that several of our European team members have fully relocated to Sweden to work alongside our Swedish employees, while enjoying the family-based lifestyle that Sweden offers.

I’d like to use this forum to take the opportunity to thank Karin Angus and the Enterprise Ireland Nordics team for their unwavering support. From our earliest days in Sweden, the work of Enterprise Ireland has been of paramount importance to our success in the region.”     

David Fox, Operations Director for Jones Engineering.

Jones Engineering stands as a preeminent global engineering contractor, headquartered in Dublin with operations throughout the UK, Europe, and the Middle East. Recognised globally for their adept handling of multi-disciplined engineering contracts, the company offers an all-encompassing array of engineering and building services. Leveraging a depth of expertise, experience, and an unwavering dedication to the pursuit of excellence, Jones Engineering has executed large projects spanning sectors such as Life Sciences and Healthcare, High-Tech Manufacturing, Food and Beverages, Industrial and Commercial, Public, Renewable Energy, and Data Centres. It’s this very commitment to unparalleled excellence that has propelled Jones Engineering’s rise both within the Nordics and on the global stage. 

Jones’ journey in Sweden and across the Nordics has been a fascinating one. From identifying the opportunities in Sweden’s rapidly growing data centre construction industry, to setting up in Gävleborg and kicking off their first projects, it’s been an incredibly rewarding and fruitful experience that has resulted in not only fantastic business relationships, but also a strong connection with the local communities in Luleå, Malmö and Gävleborg.  

 Jones’ Story in the Nordics 

The essential ethos of the Jones Engineering Group model was employed in their efforts to set up base in Sweden. The comprehensive behind-the scenes preparations in Ireland, and the strategic fact-finding trips to Sweden prior to commencing on site, paid handsome dividends as they have progressively expanded their presence in Gävleborg and beyond. As Mechanical Contractor for two Gävleborg data centres, they commenced on the site in Gävle in September 2019. Their influence also expanded to Malmö, where they undertook a parallel high-profile data centre project as General Contractor. 

Further afield, in Luleå, Jones Engineering excelled as the Mechanical Contractor on a hyper-scale data centre project, more than 700km north of Gävleborg. Simultaneously, they left their mark in Denmark, completing the electrical package on a data centre in Odense and are now spearheading mechanical and fire protection works on a data centre just outside Copenhagen. 

Within four years, Jones Engineering achieved a monumental feat, contributing to over 200MW of data centre IT power. Notably, they assumed the role of General Contractor for a substantial 70MW share, handling electrical, mechanical, and fire protection works all in-house. Reflecting on their experiences in the Nordics, what stands out most to David Fox is how seamlessly the transition evolved from doing business in Ireland to setting up an entity in Sweden. 

“A pleasant surprise for us during our endeavours to establish ourselves in Sweden was the realisation of how sensibly structured and transparent the rules and processes are. For example, the burden of ensuring compliance on the project with local regulations was made easy through the collaborative and friendly assistance of the local municipalities.” 

Acknowledging the impact the Jones teams in the region have had on the data centre industry in Sweden, Fox adds, “Our teams have been working tirelessly in the Nordics since 2019, throughout the COVID pandemic. The level of loyalty and positive work ethic shown during this period is tangible through the safe delivery of all our projects on time for our clients. I am extremely proud of the teams and culture that we have built in the region, which reflects the wider Jones culture and ethos”.  

Contribution to the Local Community 

A guiding principle for Jones Engineering globally is that of interaction and engagement with the local community. Tangible evidence of this is to be found in each location in which they are based. One such example is the Jones-sponsored renovation project at Rapatac Youth Club and the building of a state-of-the-art media room in Gävle. Rory O’Connor, Environment, Health and Safety Manager for Jones in the Nordics, saw the appreciation of the dedicated volunteers running the club and the local community on the centre’s opening night in the crowded youth club. The ceremonial ribbon cutting to mark the opening of the renovated centre was done by none other than Per Bill, Governor of Gävleborg County.

“It was quite heartening to see the delighted reaction of the club members, children and youths from the ages of 6 to 18-year-olds enjoying the range of computers, laptops and games consoles in a newly decorated and air-conditioned space within the Rapatac Youth Club, and Jones Engineering hopes it is enjoyed for years to come”. – Rory O’Connor, Nordics EHS Manager at Jones

Jones’ Global Commitment to Sustainability

Jones Engineering recognise that they have an important part to play in protecting and enhancing the environment for future generations and to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the construction industry. There has been a global realisation that current development models are unsustainable, and Jones have shown a notable commitment to embedding sustainability into the core of their activities.

“We are accredited to internationally recognised ISO 14001 Environment Management System (EMS) a systematic framework to manage the immediate and long-term environmental impacts of an organisation’s products, services and processes. We work together at all levels to develop the correct attitude, practice and work habits, to ensure that we are continually improving our environmental performance and these same high standards are the bedrock of our sustainability approach in Sweden.” – David Fox, Operations Director for Jones Engineering.

A Look to the Future

Having firmly entrenched their presence in Sweden, Jones Engineering’s unwavering objective is to maintain a permanent base in the country. The company’s focus remains centred on data centre projects, accompanied by a commitment to innovation and expansion into emerging domains like hydrogen and battery manufacturing plants—sectors brimming with promising opportunities.

With a string of successful projects under their belt, Jones has earned a sterling reputation in this region, and are positioned to further grow their impact across the Nordics. The company continues to be engaged in Gävleborg, while simultaneously working in Malmö and Copenhagen, fortifying their footprint in the Nordic region.

As Jones Engineering’s journey continues to unfold in Northern Europe, their guiding principle remains that their people are the company’s greatest asset. Jones Engineering is an equal opportunities employer passionate about developing talent, deeply committed to fostering a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and respect within the workplace. Jones consistently seeks to attract talent, both from the Nordic Region and beyond. Discover avenues to join Jones’ dynamic multinational teams here:

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Sep 12, 2023

From Emerald Isle to Arctic Excellence: Jones Engineering’s Remarkable Journey in the Construction of Data Centres in the Nordics

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