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60 Seconds with Jessica Vatoff, Director of Operations, Rent a Recruiter Australia

This month, we chat to Jessica Vatoff, Director of Operations at Rent-a-Recruiter Australia. Rent-a-Recruiter helps business leaders and HR managers succeed by providing experienced in-house talent acquisition teams. Delivered through a dedicated monthly subscription model, Rent-a-Recruiter allows companies to scale quickly by freeing them up to do what they do best.

Congratulations on launching Rent a Recruiter here. How does Rent a Recruiter help Australian businesses?  

We have been making recruitment more affordable for businesses across Australia in all sectors.

We do the hard work when it comes to finding talent, we believe business leaders and HR professionals should be able to focus on strategy and innovation rather than being held back by resource constraints or inefficient internal hiring processes.

Our cost savings vs traditional agencies can also help to free up budgets for business growth initiatives, such as workforce development or retention programs.

What are the greatest challenges and the greatest joys of working in a global, virtual team? How do you stay motivated?

Working from home is by far the greatest joy and the greatest challenge. We work hard to keep teams engaged without bombarding them with meetings. Having regular catch-ups, and generally having an open-door policy has helped keep us all connected in a virtual environment.

Staying motivated is easy when you are helping so many people. We work on a one-on-one basis with our clients and candidates. It’s important for us to build strong relationships within our teams, having a true understanding of our client’s needs is what makes our candidate placements so successful.

You’ve worked in the HR and recruitment space for over a decade, how has the industry changed in that time? Has anything surprised you?

The biggest change has been throughout the global pandemic, the whole landscape changed when it came to HR and recruitment. I think there is a greater focus on both parts of the business now, the world is shifting to a more people-focused mindset, and it is not just about building the business, but building up your people.

More recently, Australian businesses across a number of sectors have faced acute skills shortages. How can organisations build their employer brand to better attract and retain staff?

There are so many ways to build your employer brand, but it all comes down to what is important to your business and your values. Companies should think about how they can make their culture one that would attract the talent that they need. There are many ways to engage different audiences. There is no one answer for every business.

Looking forward to 2023, what are your plans for Rent a Recruiter in Australia?

Next year we will be continuing to make recruitment more affordable for businesses across the globe. We will be launching some new and exciting services to further help our clients and candidates, and of course, building and expanding our teams so that we can help businesses to build theirs.

Final question! You’ve held a number of leadership positions in your career; what one piece of advice would you have for future female leaders?

Women have very strong intuition and I believe this is something that we should never ignore


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